Students interested in the Premier Outdoor Connections Academy must submit the Student Information Form. This program is for grade 10 students only.

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The Premier Outdoor Connections Academy is an example of West Vancouver Schools’ commitment to exploring the curriculum through a variety of environments that extend from inside the regular classroom to the outdoors – Nature’s Classroom.

Academic rigor will be maintained both within the regular classroom and through exploration outdoors in the environment and wilderness.


  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills to pursue lifelong adventures in a safe, respectful and responsible manner.
  • To explore how the natural and historical environment influences us individually, nationally, globally, as well as how we, in return, impact the environment.
  • To gain overall confidence and to remain active and learning in the outdoors throughout students’ lives.
  • To encourage students to become environmental stewards.
  • Through inquiry, interdisciplinary learning and experiential activities students will make strong curricular connections.
  • To help students learn what first peoples can teach us about interacting with the natural environment.
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The Program Concept

The Premier Outdoor Connections Academy is a choice program offered to students who are in Grade 10 and registered full-time at West Vancouver Secondary, École Sentinel Secondary, or Rockridge Secondary schools.

This program offers students the opportunity to participate in a nature-based learning environment while receiving all academic requirements for graduation.

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Fact Sheet

  • This program is designed for boys and girls in Grade 10 who are registered as full time students at West Vancouver Secondary, École Sentinel or Rockridge Secondary.
  • Students registered in the Outdoor Connections Academy will receive the following courses: Physical and Health Education 10, BAA Outdoor Connections 11, Photography 11, Science 10 and English Language Arts 10.
  • Scheduling of these courses will be on Day 1 but configuration and delivery will be fluid, based on planned activities.
  • There will be many day trips during school hours and 3-5 multi-day trips scheduled during the year.

Tuition $2500 per year. The fee is divided into 10 equal payments @ $250 per month x 10 months (September – June).

Please note that there will be some additional costs for food for overnight trip and personal equipment to ensure students are safe and warm during both out-trips and overnight trips.

Requirements & Registration

A student selected to participate in the Premier Outdoor Connections Academy must provide a copy of their most recent report card, indicating very good progress in academic subject areas, as well as evidence of enjoyment and experience in the outdoors, demonstrated ability to be responsible & respectful, and maturity to understand the implications of personal choice on others especially in terms of safety.

Contact Information

Diane Nelson
Director of Instruction
West Vancouver Schools Premier Academy Programs
Office Direct Line: 604-981-1150
Cell: 604-786-3575

Students interested in the Premier Outdoor Connections Academy must submit the Student Information Form.