Advanced Placement

In 2004, the Advanced Placement (AP) Program in West Vancouver School District was expanded to include Rockridge Secondary School. The AP Program is a cooperative educational endeavor between secondary schools and colleges and universities. It allows high school students to undertake college-level academic learning in AP courses, and gives them the opportunity to show that they have mastered the advanced material by taking AP exams. Students can receive credit, advanced placement, or both from thousands of colleges and universities that participate in the Advanced Placement Program.

The AP Program has been administered since 1955 by the College Board. AP procedures are determined by representatives of member institutions (public and independent schools, colleges and universities). AP’s operational services are provided by Educational Testing Service. In the United States, Canada and overseas, 13,253 high schools offer AP courses as well as the annual examinations. In 2000, 1,272,319 examinations were administered to 768,586 students. In Canada, 6,616 students wrote 9,465 examinations which were offered in 336 participating schools. In British Columbia, 3,183 students wrote 4,565 examinations in 135 schools.

Benefits of AP for Students

AP Exam Info for Students-October

For students, AP can:

  • Provide college/university credits for courses and examinations successfully taken in high school.
  • Exempt them from some introductory college/university courses, thus permitting students to move more quickly into advanced classes.
  • Motivate them to attempt more challenging courses in both high school and college.
  • Develop, in a high school environment, the study skills and habits they will need in college/university.
  • Bolster their confidence that they can meet college/university requirements.
  • Reduce college/university costs and time to obtain a degree.

Friday, May 1stAP Art3:00 PMRockridge Art
Tuesday, May 5thCalculus AB/BC8:00 AMRockridge Library
Wednesday, May 6thLiterature and Composition8:00 AMRockridge Library
Physics 212:00PMTBD
Thursday, May 7thChemistry8:00 AMTBD
Physics 112:00PMTBD
Monday May, 11thBiology8:00 AMTBD
Tuesday, May 12thPsychology12:00PMRockridge Library
Friday, May 15thComputer Science Principles8:00 AMRockridge Library
Statistics12:00PMRockridge Library
Wednesday,May 20thEuropean History8:00 AMRockridge Library

Course Offerings for Students Enrolling in Grade 10

  • Pre-AP English 10 Enriched
  • Pre-AP Art 11

Course Offerings for Students Enrolling in Grade 11

Students enrolling in Grade 11 who have completed the prerequisite courses and who wish to challenge themselves may take the following courses which prepare them for the Grade 12 level courses and for the AP Examination.

  • AP Psychology 12
  • AP Statistics 12
  • Pre- AP English 11
  • Pre-AP Biology 11
  • Pre-AP Studio Art 11
  • AP European History

Course Offerings for Students Enrolling in Grade 12

Students enrolling in Grade 12 who have completed the prerequisites may take the following courses which prepare them to write the AP exams in May. Rockridge Secondary has been authorized by the College Board to teach the following courses:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP European History
  • AP Physics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Studio Art: Drawing
  • AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
  • AP Studio Art: 3-D Design

The AP Examinations are written after the students have completed the senior level of the course.

Examination Fee per AP Course $135 CDN

AP Scholar Awards

The AP Program offers several Scholar Awards to recognize high school students who have demonstrated college-level achievement through AP courses and exams.  In addition to receiving an award certificate, the students’ achievement is acknowledged on any grade report that they send to college/universities the following fall.

AP Scholar. Granted to students who receive grades of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

AP Scholar with Honor. Granted to students who receive an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.

AP Scholar with Distinction. Granted to students who receive an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.

AP National Scholar. Granted to students in Canada who receive an average grade of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 4 or higher on five or more of these exams

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