How to Register

For domestic students, registration begins with an online application. If you are a resident living abroad or an international student, the process begins with a call or visit to our International department.

Rockridge Athlectics

Rockridge has 8 sports academies to choose from, click on the link below to learn more.

Advanced Placement at Rockridge

Rockridge is proud to offer the Advanced Placement cooperative endeavor program with colleges universities

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Rockridge Secondary School

About Our School

Rockridge School is located in the municipality of West Vancouver which is situated northwest of the city of Vancouver. We are located directly across from Caulfeild Village Mall on Headland Drive. Easiest access is via Exit #4 from Highway 1. The school community includes families from the areas of Bowen Island, West Bay, Caulfeild, Gleneagles and Lions Bay, but we also have students coming to Rockridge from around the world.

Rockridge students are encouraged to get involved in activities and events that interest them. The school has traditionally offered an extensive sports program which includes rugby, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, golf, soccer, cross-country, mountain biking, wrestling, ski & snowboarding, and track & field. Since opening in September of 1996, Rockridge has won many North Shore Championships and Vancouver and District Championships.

Rockridge School also excels in the performing arts. The school has programs in the following departments: Home Economics, Information Technology, Technology Education, Performing Arts including band and drama, and Visual Arts. Our school also participates in the International Education Program. Students from other countries live with local residents, attend school and participate in extra-curricular activities. They have special classes to improve their English, but are mainstreamed in most subject areas.

Each new school year, the staff at Rockridge Secondary School looks forward to continuing to provide quality programs and opportunities for students.

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At Rockridge Secondary School we will stive to establish an atmosphere in which:

Rockridge Values

  • Learning is our primary focus.
  • Students are recognized and appreciated for putting forth a strong effort.
  • Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to assume leadership roles.
  • Mutual caring exists among students, teachers, and parents.
  • Cooperation, teamwork, respect for others and their work guide daily behaviour at our school.
  • Pride of ownership exists in our school and community.
  • Students and staff work cooperatively in helping students become successful in both academic areas and other activities.
  • Students are aware of the importance of the core subject areas and how they impact on their lives while in school and in future years.
  • A smooth, well-organized and secure transition is established between the elementary school and Rockridge Secondary.
  • Students are provided the opportunity to develop interests, creativity and talents.
  • Parents are invited to get involved in our school through the advisory council, work projects and/or school volunteer programs.
  • Staff, students, and parents have opportunities to participate in the evaluation of our school.
  • The counseling department provides a strong support system for our students.

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Admissions for the 24/25 school year are openClick here for eligibility and timelines