Attention students and parents!

The University of Waterloo Gauss Math contest (grade 8) takes place on Wednesday, May 12th , 2021 in the Library from 12:30 – 1: 30 pm (1 hour). This math contest challenges students from around the world with a range of abilities to grow valuable problem-solving skills.

If any student is interested in writing this contest, please register with your math teacher by April 22nd , 2021. If you do not have math this quarter, register with Ms. Neacs (Room W 110) or Ms. Peterson (Room E 206). The cost is $4.00. For practice, please see past contests at:

Please contact the teachers by clicking on their names below. All math teachers use Google Classroom:

Ms. M. Ahoy

Ms. K. Brady

Ms. J. Keast

Ms. M. LeSieur and her website

Ms. C. Neacs

Ms. R. Peterson

Mr. M. Trask

Department Coordinators:

Ms. R. Peterson & Ms. C. Neacs

Extra Help:

Extra Help is by appointment

Useful Links:

BC’s New Curriculum

Graduation Assessment Specifications 

Purple Math

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