Attention students and parents!

The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) takes place on Thursday October 28th from 8:30 am – 11: 00 am (2.5 hours) in the Library. COMC is addressed “to any student with an interest in and grasp of high school math.” For more information please see:

Please register with your math teacher or with Ms. Neacs (Room W110) by October 15th at 11:40 am. Registration costs $25.

Please contact the teachers by clicking on their names below. All math teachers use Google Classroom:

Ms. M. Ahoy

Ms. J. Keast

Ms. M. Lesieur

Ms. C. Neacs

Ms. R. Peterson

Mr. M. Trask

Department Coordinators:

Ms. R. Peterson & Ms. C. Neacs

Extra Help:

Extra Help is available during FIT Block Tuesdays and Thursdays or/and by appointment with your teacher. “The expectation is that all students stay for the full duration of X-Block/FIT (until 2:50 pm) as it is part of your instructional time. Use this time to meet with teachers, work with peers, or work independently”, we strongly encourage you to attend those.

Useful Links:

BC’s New Curriculum

Graduation Assessment Specifications 

Purple Math

2022-2023 Admissions applications for IN CATCHMENT students accepted as of 8am on October 15. For more information, click here