Flexible Instructional Time

For the 2023-2024 year, all West Vancouver secondary schools will be incorporating a 50-minute block of flexible instruction-al time (FIT) each Monday and Thursday from 10:55 AM—11:45 AM. For the weeks that include a holiday Monday, FIT will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The purpose of the FIT block is to provide students with:

• Time and flexibility to work through their Career Education competencies and content;
• Time to meet with teachers for support, guidance or inspiration regarding specific curriculum, or other passions and interests;
• The opportunity to collaborate with other students, teachers, or community members;
• Time to explore, work on, or complete assignments and projects
• Guest presenters and assemblies will typically be scheduled during FIT throughout the year.

• Be focused on learning
• Be in a designated learning space and not leave the school
• Gr. 8—10 students will be scheduled to a classroom
• Gr. 11—12 students can be in shared learning spaces
• Have a plan to effectively use this instructional time
• Have all materials required
• Remain in the learning space assigned or selected for the entire block
Note that block 4 is always the last block of the day. This is where all special programs such as Academies, FAST and Outdoor Rec are scheduled

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