Flexible Instructional Time

This year students have FIT on Tuesdays and Thursday between 1:15 and 2:50pm. The purpose of the FIT block is to provide students with: time and flexibility to address the new Career Education competencies and content; time to meet with teachers for support, guidance or inspiration regarding specific curriculum, or other passions and interests; the opportunity to collaborate with other students, teachers, or community members; and time to explore, work on, or complete assignments and projects.

FIT Brochure

Benefits and Purposes of FIT

  • Provide students with choice, voice and flexibility with their learning in order to independently complete assignments, study, collaborate or engage in a personal area of interest.
  • Provides the opportunity for students to receive support and guidance from teachers.
  • Provides time for Grade 11/12 students to complete the new Career Life Connections curriculum.
  • Supports student time management and organization by providing an opportunity for guided practice.
  • Provides flexible learning environments for all, acknowledging that learning can take place in a variety of places and ways.
  • Promotes well-being for the entire school population.

FIT in Action

  • Guided by expectations, students will plan in advance how they will use their FIT block.
  • During FIT, students will use the instructional minutes to connect with teachers, other students or work independently to engage in a learning task.
  • Teachers will be available to mentor, facilitate, and guide student learning.
  • Teachers will communicate their FIT schedule to students.
  • Students in Grades 11/12 will be required to complete their Career Life Connections (CLC).  Students will be scheduled to connect with their CLC teachers approximately one a week for check-ins, lessons and mentorship.
  • teachers can require students to attend a specific FIT block to make up missed work, assessments, complete assignments and receive extra help.
  • At times, FIT will be used by teachers to provide lessons to students with respect to FIT and school expectations and personal skill building.

FIT Schedule

2:50End of day

Student Expectations for FIT

  • Be focused on learning
  • Be in a learning space
  • Have a plan for the time
  • Have all the materials required

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