Lest We Forget

November 10, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Rockridge’s Remembrance Day Ceremony is always a very special event, as it is a time when the entire school community comes together to learn from their peers and pay tribute to those who are serving and have served. Every year, I look forward to seeing Dr. Glen Harrison, a 95 year old veteran, and his wife, Karen, who have been joining Rockridge’s Ceremony for at least the past 6 years.  This year, he found and was very proud to be able to wear his medals for this event.  He is always delighted to share that after the war, he went on to become a doctor and continued to practice medicine until he was 90 years old.  One cannot help but be inspired by his visits.

Cadets Ryan T. and Declan F. with Veteran Dr. Glen Harrison

During this past Spring, teachers Mr. Craig Chubb and Mr. Derek Lam, took a group of students on an incredible journey to Vimy Ridge. Mr. Chubb went on to lead the planning and organization of our Remembrance Day event and along with students and staff created a ceremony that was thought-provoking and profoundly moving.  The students’ experiences at Vimy Ridge provided the basis for the remarkable story-telling of soldiers’ experiences.  Film students, Cole N. and John M., created a moving film illustrating the Battle of Dieppe, drama students portrayed the heartbreak of war, art students created beautiful poppies, and band and choir students shared their lovely music.  Congratulations to all of these students including those who managed the lighting, sound, and set design on creating such a memorable ceremony.  Thank you, as well, to teachers Ms. Foster, Ms. Douglas, Ms. Inkster, Mr. Shannon, and Mr. Henning for working with our students on their performances and thank you to the facilities department for setting up the stage.  A special thank you goes to Mr. Chubb for the many hours he dedicated to creating this outstanding ceremony.

The fact that so many of our students were involved in the ceremony both in front of and behind the scenes in a variety of ways made it even more special.  It was a moving tribute to those who are serving and who have served.