Film and Television



This is an introductory course to television and video study and the production process.  Students will learn the skills and vocabulary needed to analyze and critique video and other forms of media and develop the basic skills of single-camera field production with the introduction of post-production editing methods.  Optional fee for enrichment materials-$30.

A significant component of the course will be written assignments in the form of personal reflection on both their own and other video sources. There will also be an introduction to film history and the evolution of cinema.

Once students have demonstrated an ability to work independently and in a mature, self-directed manner they will be introduced to the use and application of video and editing equipment.

  1. Part one of the hands-on components of the course will consist of going through the basics of the video medium.  Camera handling, camera operation, audio techniques and roles of production crews.
  2. Part two will be focused on pre-production procedures.  Beginning with an idea and brainstorming through scripting, storyboarding, listing shots and scheduling production, students will work in teams to lay the groundwork for a smooth production.
  3. Part three is production time. Teams assign individual roles and roll tape on their productions working to their notes and storyboards.
  4. Part four is post-production, the most complex part of the course.  EDL’s are used to organize the production before the actual editing.  Using non-linear computer- based editing software, students blend sound and visuals as they find an appropriate rhythm to carry their message to completion.


(open  to  all grade 10-12 students)

Film and Television 11 and 12 provide opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to respond to and create film and television works.  In Film and Television 11 and 12, students gain practical experience in some of the major areas of the industry, including acting, scriptwriting and production. This experience introduces students to the standards of the film and television industry. Students also examine the important roles that film and television play in society.  Optional fee for enrichment materials-$30.  In Film and Television 11 and 12, students have opportunities to:

  • Explore and manipulate artistic components to create meaningful film and television works that reflect their own individuality and creativity
  • Examine the role and influence of film and television works in a variety of social, cultural and historical contexts
  • Develop some of the acting, scriptwriting and production skills needed to create film and television works
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of the process of film and television production
  • Explore career options related to film and television, and develop skills useful in pursuing them


This course provides opportunities for students who already have many skills in this area to further their education in film and video work.  The areas of work include directing,  screenwriting, film editing, foley production and  on location film-style shooting.  Optional fee for enrichment materials-$30.

There will be an emphasis on production for competition.   Students will enter such adjudicated events as  the Zoom Fest 24 hour film festival, Coastal Health Smoke PSA contest, the WorkSafe Video Contest and the BC Student Film Festival.