Business Education



Accounting is the backbone of the commerce programs offered at all universities and colleges. Learning these fundamental skills now will prepare students for both the rigor of undergraduate business education and the ability to effectively communicate and manage personal financial situations. In this introductory course students will learn to record business transactions and prepare and analyze financial statements. This course involves multiple field trips to explore how financial information is used in a variety of businesses to aid in decision-making. Competitive simulations both online and in the classroom will be used to put theories learned into practice.



This course is designed specifically for those who are keen to pursue their own business venture, work in a business environment, or plan to register in a post-secondary commerce or business program. This course will teach marketing from the perspective of a business owner and a customer. Students will learn about different activities involved in planning, pricing, promoting, distributing and selling products. Students will also develop communication, case analysis, presentation, public speaking, writing and critical thinking skills while learning the fundamentals of local and global marketing. This course is heavy on group and project work.

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