“Grey Matter” Premiere-Kay Meek Theatre 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM

Mar 15 2018

The Advanced Film class at Rockridge is proud to present their latest feature film, a drama/thriller/comedy based on the short story Grey Matter by Stephen King. Originally published in 1973, Grey Matter is about the lengths one would go to for their family… with a dark twist. Rockridge Film has spent this year writing, rehearsing, filming, and editing this story to best convey not only the story’s message, but the filmmaking expertise of our students.

Many students in the class aspire to post-secondary education in filmmaking and an eventual career in the industry. By attending the film’s premiere on March 15th at the Kay Meek Theatre, you would be contributing to our Rockridge community and encouraging our students’ education by supporting their work. Tickets are only $12 and are available for purchase through the link below, or from any of the film’s cast or crew. Rockridge Film class hopes to see you at the premiere of Grey Matter!  Please be advised in advance that certain parts of the film contain mature content.  See poster attached.

Tickets: https://kaymeek.com/grey-matter/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RockridgeFilm/

Instagram: @rradvancedfilm