Student Recognition

July 11, 2018 - 7 minutes read

Motivation and success drive individuals. In the school setting, a variety of programs and traditions highlight student learning and subsequent student achievements. Creating opportunities for students to showcase their learning as well as opportunities to showcase and recognize student achievements and successes both inside and outside the school is critically important. The recognition of student learning and individual students fosters strong relationships among students, families, staff, and the community and creates a positive school culture where students feel valued.

At Ridgeview Elementary, a variety of programs and traditions recognize and support student accomplishments and contributions to the school and community. Numerous opportunities are available in the classroom and beyond the classroom for students to demonstrate their learning successes. Student achievement is celebrated in all content areas including the academics, arts, music, physical education and extension offerings, through peer sharing and broader open house showcases.

Parents and guests need only walk through the school building to view the bulletin boards displaying student work samples or view whole school outreach projects to know of the variety of student learning. Bulletins are an efficient way to promote student learning and success.

Tradition at Ridgeview is to celebrate and recognize the grade 7 leaving class at the end of each school year. While supporting students throughout their elementary school years to build a strong foundation in the academics, athletics, and arts and preparing them to be good citizens and contributing members of society, promoting and celebrating their success shows students that their efforts matter.

Each year, the grade seven year end student recognition ceremony is adjusted to mirror the accomplishments of the leaving class. As in previous years, students this year were recognized for their service and leadership to the school and community. Citizenship Certificates were awarded to students who contributed a minimum of 15 hours of service each term to their school community. Citizenship Medals were awarded to students who contributed beyond 15 hours of service each term. Contributions of all Citizenship recipients are valued and support a positive culture at Ridgeview.

At Ridgeview, students are prepared for academic challenges across the curriculum. This includes, harnessing strong work habits, fostering independent, hardworking and disciplined mindsets. Academic Certificates and Medals were awarded to students who consistently achieve a high standard, complete assignments on time, collaborate well with others and overall, demonstrate exemplary behaviours.

At Ridgevew, we encourage balance and are proud to nurture well-rounded students. This year, we have extended recognition to include recognition in the diversity of the Arts. This year, Arts Education included Digital Art, Choir, Drama, and the Fine Arts. Students who demonstrated strengths across the various art disciplines were awarded Arts medals.

Sports also play an important role in a student’s education. Participating on a sports team can help promote leadership skills, cooperation, discipline, self-esteem, perseverance, and time management skills. To qualify for an Athletic Achievement Medal, a student-athlete must have participated on the Cross Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Ultimate Teams in addition to qualifying for either the District Track or Field Meet. Demonstrating attributes of the Ridgeview Dragon (strong, open-minded, energetic, courageous, resilient, positive role model and leader) round out the criteria for students awarded Athletic medals.

Each year, Ridgeview also recognizes a student Athlete of the Year. In addition to satisfying the qualities for Athletic Achievement, students must demonstrate outstanding skill and strong work ethic, leadership strength and must value team goals more than personal achievement. To qualify, students must commit to attending all practices and games and always be a supportive teammate to others.

The Diane Barrie and Harry Dickson Awards complete the year-end grade 7 recognition ceremony. The Diane Barrie Award, named after Ridgeview’s infamous teacher librarian, demonstrates Diane’s love of literature and theatre. The Harry Dickson Award, named after Ridgeview’s first principal, is awarded to a student who best exemplifies the qualities that make Ridgeview such an outstanding place to learn and play. The award recipient, who is elected by his/her peers is awarded to a student who is a good sport, who helps everyone, who tries their hardest in all they do, who cares about the world around them and who can be trusted.

Celebrating student successes and recognizing students for their achievements in both formal and informal formats is important to show students that their efforts matter and support a positive school culture.

A special note to our grade 7 Class of 2018, as you strive to find your passion, learn your strengths and tackle your challenges, know that you are unique, your efforts make a difference not only to yourself but to those around you. On behalf of Ridgeview staff and students, we encourage you to move forward to grade 8 with an open mindset, positive attitude and unfailing kindness. Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of successes.


Congratulations to the grade 7 Class of 2018 for their achievements:

Service Certificate Award Recipients:

Radin, Sophia Al., Daniel B-T, Petra, Andrew, Bridgette, Jack D., Jake, Jade, Kaila, Tera, Charles, Russell, Sabrina, Julius, Caelan, Trevor, Colten, Josh, Arvin, Stephanie, Sebastian, Daniel W., Duncan, and Andy Z.

Service Medal Recipients:

Sua, Thomas, Chloe, Sophia Ah., Parto, Nimrita, Helia, Taylor, Vienna, and Aryana.

Academic Certificate Award Recipients:

Amy, Josh, Sophia Ah., Jake, Charles, Taylor, Julius, and Andy Z.

Academic Honour Medal Recipients:

Radin, Sua, Thomas, Tera, Chloe, Parto, Nimrita, Vienna, and Aryana.

Artistic Medal Recipients:

Sua, Bridgette, Amy, Chloe, Sophia Ah., Nimrita, Levi, Helia, Taylor, and Aryana.

Athletic Medal Recipients:

Caelan, Trevor, Josh, Sophia Ah., Matthew, Charles, Taylor, Vienna, and Aryana.

Athletes of the Year:

Charles and Vienna

Diane Barrie Award Recipient:


Harry Dickson Award Recipients:

Radin and Thomas