Ridgeview Elementary School

Key Contact Information

Principal: Warren Zerbe

Vice Principal: Lindsay Morton

Admin Assistant: Shelley Lytle

Liaison Trustee: Nicole Brown

Enrollment: 387
Grades: K – 7

1250 Mathers Avenue
West Vancouver, BC
V7T 2G3

Phone: 604.981.1250
Call Back: 604.981.1252
Fax: 604.981.1251

Staff Information

Teachers can be reached in person (appointments are preferred for setting a suitable meeting date and time) or via their school district email. Staff email addresses are standardized and easy to use. The format for email addresses is the first letter of the individual’s first name followed by the surname @wvschools.ca. For example, to send an email message to the principal, the address is wzerbe@wvschools.ca or you can click on the teacher’s name below.

Grade 7 –     Division 1       Greg Meldrum and Lindsay Morton 
Grade 7 –     Division 2       Russ Paterson and Lindsay Morton 
Grade 6 –     Division 3       Shelley Gardner and  Catherine Kennedy 
Grade 6 –     Division 4       Curtis Campbell
Grade 5 –     Division 5       Leanne Pruner
Grade 4/5 – Division 6       Jessica Swanson and Maria Dawson
Grade 4/5 – Division 7       Julia McGaw
Grade 4 –     Division 8       Amy Meldrum
Grade 3 –     Division 9       Arwen Zambon and Lindsay Morton 
Grade 3 –     Division 10     Dianne Wanless
Grade 2 –     Division 11     Toula Bundic
Grade 2 –     Division 12     Nadine Bird and Laurie Tsumura
Grade 1 –     Division 13     Beth Sandor and Sabette Thompson
Grade 1 –     Division 14     Erin Cathcart
Kindergarten – Division 15     Christy Campbell 
Kindergarten – Division 16     Erica Eng


Principal: Warren Zerbe

Vice Principal: Lindsay Morton

Admin Assistant: Shelley Lytle

Office staff and Supervision Aides: Tracey Dudley, Faezeh Hosseini, Linda Walker, Malathi Viswanathan

Learning Support Teachers: Beverly-Ann Lehman, Alyssa Standeven

ELL Teachers: Katie Prout, Hai Irish, Corinna Wolf-Jeske

Speech Language Pathologist: Grace Chan

Music Teacher: Heather Soderling

Teacher Librarian: Catherine Kennedy

Counsellor: Kristy Olson

Band Teacher: Heather Soderling

Special Education Assistants:  Nazila Alishrati, Melissa Baker, Amanda Crone, Karen Gibson,  Kaeliegh Hiebert, Rachel Loerch, Carley Ontkean, Donald Poulin, Jennifer Pratt, Larissa Woodhead,

Custodians: Tirso Ibias, June Almoite

School Nurse: Sophia Knowles

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