Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Mission Statement:
At Ridgeview, students, staff and parents believe that as a community of learners we must create and preserve a safe, calm and caring environment where EVERYONE is welcomed, respected and valued, and able to learn and achieve at their personal best.

NEW Framework For Enhancing Student Learning Goal:  To increase the percentage of students who report feeling a sense of belonging at Ridgeview.

We are still refining and developing our school focus and you can find the working document in the link below. We are excited with the opportunities that staff are planning with our students to support the following big ideas:

  • Post pandemic shift to reconnect and build community
  • Coaching empathy and encouraging positive relationships based in respect and kindness with programs that support friendships and conflict resolution
  • Self-regulation to optimize learning with programs to build confidence and resiliency
  • School wide focus and themes around the Social and Personal Awareness Competencies and/or Character Virtues that establish expectations for behaviour, a scope and sequence for teaching and learning celebrations
  • Student forums for their voice and feedback as part of our planning
  • Connecting with parents again with in-person events and opportunities for on-going communication besides existing electronic messaging and virtual meetings
  • Embed the First Peoples Principles of Learning as part of this framework connected to our Ridgeview Indigenous Education Plan

Ridgeview FESL 2021- 2024 Creating A Sense of Belonging