Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Mission Statement:
At Ridgeview, students, staff and parents believe that as a community of learners we must create and preserve a safe, calm and caring environment where EVERYONE is welcomed, respected and valued, and able to learn and achieve at their personal best.

Goal #1:  To improve student thinking competencies

Strategies used to support improving student thinking competencies will include the following:

  • Use of ADST Curriculum to explore design thinking
  • Explicit teaching of academic (inquiry, questioning, design thinking…) and social language (collaboration and problem solving) to enhance thinking in multiple contexts
  • Use of Real Life Problems and Connections to the Real World to inquire/question, investigate and design solutions
  • Continue to use framework of Ridgeview Student Learner Profiles to build and enhance student awareness of learner strengths
  • Create flexible learning environments to support development of core competencies (thinking, communication, personal and social competencies) (Library Commons, Makerspace, Space Redesign Project)

Additional information on Ridgeview’s Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, FESL,  can be found in the following presentation.  (Please note that this information is presented and reviewed with the Ridgeview school community throughout the school year.  To know further details about the FESL, parents are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled Parent Advisory Council Meetings.)

Ridgeview FESL 2018 – 2019

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