RPAC Communications Coordinator

Update RPAC website and manage communications to parents.  Includes the RPAC Newsletter.

Call Back Coordinator

Recruits and schedules volunteers for the morning safe arrival program at school.

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Together with the school administration and teachers, continues to develop and review the Emergency Preparedness Plan for the school. Purchases supplies as authorized by RPAC. Check expiry dates annually on emergency supplies. Attends and offers updates as required at the monthly general PAC meeting.

Planned Expenditure Committee (PEC)

Brings forth ideas to the PAC executive and then the General meeting in regards to how RPAC money should be spent. Obtains suggestions from students, parents, teachers and administrators. Comprised of teachers, principal, RPAC Chairperson, Treasurer and parents.

Sportswear Coordinator

Coordinate the purchasing and distribution of Ridgeview’s spirit wear.

Sportsday Coordinator

Coordinate snacks and lunch for sports day.

Staff Appreciation Coordinator

Purchase recognition gifts/cards for staff and/or parents.

Multicultural/ELL Coordinator

Act as a liaison for new ELL parents; Help to plan the annual multicultural day luncheon for students (spring); Plan the multicultural tea for parents (spring).

Fruit & Vegetable Program Coordinator

Organize the school fruit and vegetable program.

Traffic and Saftey Representative

Ensure traffic moves well around the school; Work with administration and the WV district to address issues with traffic and student safety.

Decorations Coordinator

Coordinate to decorate the school halls for Halloween and Christmas.

Grade 7 Graduation Committee

Coordinate Grade 7 graduation celebrations and fundraising efforts.