Creating a Legacy

May 18, 2016 - 2 minutes read

It is pretty amazing to watch a playspace come alive with student activity.

The Ridgeview sportcourt has been a work in progress.  It wasn’t until this past summer that construction on the sportcourt began.

However, well before the ground was broken, planning and fundraising was long in the works.  Funded in partnership with the school district, Ridgeview parent fundraising and the grade 7 class of 2015, the sportcourt was refurbished and revitalized.

Combined with a little sunshine this week, and with defined game areas painted on the court, this playspace came alive with student activity.  The two basketball courts, four 4-square and tetherball courts, and hopscotch spaces were all in use.  Combined with the forest and creek playspace, the swings and play structure, expansive field spaces, and strategically installed benches, Ridgeview students have a lot of choice at play times.

It is important to note that a project this size is expansive…and expensive!  It is through the collaboration of District and School that a project of this magnitude is realized.

Parents, your participation, leadership and financial support of school activities have helped to raise the funds for this playspace.  Your volunteer hours for hot lunch, Halloween Skate, MayFair, and Gala events among other activities all combine to financially support this project.

The grade 7 class of 2015 also saw the importance of revitalizing the sportcourt and through many fundraising activities hosted through the year (bake sales, car washes, spirit activities) raised enough to contribute to the painting and logo creation of the large basketball court.  Branding the court with the school logo and name is commitment to school pride and an investment for future Ridgeview students.

And of course, sizable financial support and coordination of this project by West Vancouver Schools Facilities has been absolutely necessary to the realization of the sportcourt project.

Thank you and congratulations to students, parents, and our West Vancouver partners for making the sportcourt project come to life!  Creating a legacy for future students is truly a colloborative effort.

4 square

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