Sports Day 2018

June 20, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Sports days is a much anticipated school fun day and an important part of student educational life. Allowing students to enjoy a day of fun activities to break up the routine of school work is healthy and makes school enjoyable for students and staff.

Ridgeview’s annual event is orchestrated, by senior students, under the guidance of staff. The grade six students take the lead on this school wide activity, selecting a theme for the day (Candyland 2018), orchestrating team cheers, and even leading the younger students through a series of activities. While this day seems simple enough, it is a game changer for our grade six students. Soon to be the graduating class of 2019, sports day is an opportunity for grade six students to shine as positive role models.

Of course, the grade seven students also are heavily invested in this fun day as they take on the responsibility of directing younger students in classic games, team-building exercises and cooperative games such as relays and group challenges.

Ridgeview’s very own Karel, aka DJ Kobra, kept the event moving and lively with well chosen spirited music throughout the day.

Student teams were awarded points for placing, spirit, and sportsmanship. While the activities are mostly cooperative in scope, awarding points adds a layer of excitement and energy.

Capped off with the Tug of War challenge between the senior students then the traditional staff and parents versus students challenge, the day was fun for all.

Thank you to our grade six and seven students for orchestrating and leading this event and to all staff for supporting students to make Candyland 2018 a fun memorable experience.