Ridgeview Spirit!

June 20, 2018 - 2 minutes read

The Ridgeview MayFair event is a school sponsored event that generates energy and spirit from the entire WV community.

MayFair 2018 was coordinated by Ridgeview parents Julie Cameron and Kerra Sugden and supported by Ridgeview PAC Chairperson Nargess Tabrizy as well as a host of Ridgeview parent and student volunteers.

As a community event, MayFair has something for everyone. Kiosts and events included the Barbecue, Café, Face Painting, Arcade Games, Tombola, Pain a Pot, Books and Games, Used Sporting Goods, Silent Auction, Pony Rides, Bouncy Castles and many varied Sporting Challenges.

Proceeds for this event exceeded $16,000. A detailed itemization was reported out at our June PAC AGM held this past week. Money raised will go to purchase MakerSpace items for our library as part of the second phase of the Library Modernization Project and will go towards Reclaiming, redesigning and modernizing underutilized space within the school. This project called Project Redesign is an ambitious project that is currently in the planning stages. Further details will be shared in the new school year.

A heartfelt thank you to our coordinators, and parent and student volunteers for helping to ensure the success of the MayFair tradition. Thank you also to our community sponsors and to our Ridgeview families, listed below, for their cash and resource donations.

MayFair is a family fun event that generates necessary funds to enrich and modernize our school. Everyone’s efforts and contributions make a difference! Thank you,

  • The Franke family
  • The Fuller and Lapidatu families
  • Class parents of Division 5
  • The Fazli family
  • Hailey and Richard Kim and family
  • The Winter family
  • The Cumming family
  • The Sadeghi and Munnis family
  • The Meldrum family
  • Hillary Reid and family
  • The Scott family
  • Class parents of Division 11
  • The Reznik family
  • The Weisbrod family
  • Cori Creed and family
  • The Herman and Manville family
  • The Hufton family
  • Class parents of Division 4
  • The Wan and Shen family
  • The Ding family
  • The Kim and Choi family
  • The Bluskov family
  • The Shi and Xu family
  • The Anderson family
  • The Sugden family
  • The Radziwill family
  • The Tabrizy family
  • Ridgeview Staff