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Our Homestay Fees

The following fees are standard for all homestay families participating in the West Vancouver Schools International Programs. All fees are in Canadian dollars. 

  • Monthly Rate:  $1400per student
  • Please see our Tuition Fees page for Daily Rate (academic year) and Orientation Homestay Fee
  • Maintenance and storage fees are agreed on and arranged between the student and host. July and August fees are collected directly from the student can be found on our Homestay Payment Grid  


*monthly fees cover from the first day of the month to the last day of the month only and cannot be pro-rated. 


Payment method

There are two methods that a student may choose for their homestay fees. 

Direct payment:  The homestay family is paid directly by the student at the beginning of the hosting month.  Families can track payments using the Homestay Payment Record  

Direct deposit:  The homestay family is paid by International Programs through direct deposit before the beginning of the hosting month. 


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