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Program Fees for 2023 – 2024 and 2024 – 2025

All fees are in Canadian dollars and are for all elementary and secondary schools.

Full Year

Half Year

Application Fee$300Application Fee$300
Program Fee$16,300Program Fee$8,150
Medical insurance fee$750Medical insurance fee$375
CMGE Testing Fee*$100CMGE Testing Fee*$100
Custodian FeeFreeCustodian FeeFree
Transfer from YVR Airport**FreeTransfer from YVR Airport**Free
Homestay Placement Fee$200Homestay Placement Fee$200
Monthly Homestay Fee (Sept 2023-Jan 2024)***$1,100Monthly Homestay Fee (Sept 2023-Jan 2024)***$1,100
Monthly Homestay Fee (from Feb 2024 on)***$1,400Monthly Homestay Fee (from Feb 2024 on)***$1,400
Exceptional Dietary Request Fee****$150-250 per monthExceptional Dietary Request Fee****$150-250 per month
August Orientation tuitionFreeAugust Orientation tuitionFree
August Orientation medical insuranceFreeAugust Orientation medical insuranceFree
Homestay Fee for August 2024$750 flat rateHomestay Fee for August 2024$750 flat rate
Report Card Validation Fee (if requested)$100Report Card Validation Fee (if requested)$100
For Second and Consecutive Years:For Second and Consecutive Years:
Re-registration Fee$300Re-registration Fee$300
Summer MSP fee$200Summer MSP fee$200
Summer Monthly Homestay Fee$1,400

Students required to take an English language exam because they wish to graduate in West Vancouver Schools may choose to take the online CMGE language assessment.

Transfer from YVR for secondary students only to the listed address (homestay or private address) is arranged by International Programs and is outsourced by Language Limousine. The service is available for the first time a student arrives at YVR only. Return trips to YVR are not arranged by International Programs. Language Limousine provides a trusted, reliable service to our international students. With scheduled pickups, easily recognizable staff, personalized service, and live tracking, you can be assured every student is in good hands. Additional costs may apply for the Unaccompanied Minor Service( UMS) Airport Pickup service request. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact the homestay team at
Please note that the transfer is not available prior to August 20, 2023.

Monthly fees cover from the first day of the month to the last day of the month only and cannot be pro-rated.

Exceptional Dietary Requests are those that fall outside a standard Canadian diet. These may include (but are not limited to) diets such as gluten-free, high-calorie, high-protein, pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, etc. Fees will be transferred to the host family to cover extra costs. Specialty foods not only have higher purchase costs but also may not be available in all stores. See more details here.

Details on Fees

Program fees cover all non-optional basic course fees connected with the curriculum.


Students may be charged for optional fees, including:


  • AP exams
  • Clubs
  • Commencement
  • Enhanced supplies
  • Extracurricular sports
  • Field trips
  • IB courses and exams
  • Montessori classes
  • Outdoor school or retreats
  • Yearbooks

The schools will charge these fees directly to each student using their internal fee billing system.

Fee Schedule and Refund Policy

Refund Policy 

Making a Request for Refund 

Refund requests must be made in writing and addressed to the Director, International Programs. Refund requests should include any relevant documentation supporting the basis for the request. The School District may request additional documentation to assess refund requests if needed.   


Non-Refundable Fees 

Refunds are not available for administrative fees, namely the Application Fee of $300, Re-registration Fee of $300, and Homestay Application Fee of $200 that are paid to the School District for receiving and processing a student’s application or enrollment to the School District (“Non-Refundable Fees”). 

If the School District has collected any amounts from students that have been paid or are payable to third parties (e.g. medical insurance, assessments, fees, taxes), then any available refunds will depend on the policies of the third party and whether payment of the monies is forgiven or refundable by the third party. 


When Refunds are Not Available 

The School District reserves the right to refuse any request for a refund, regardless of the reason for the request, if it is received after the commencement of the Program. 

Refunds shall not be issued with respect to Students who: 

  1. are suspended or expelled from the Program or required to withdraw due to their own inappropriate behaviour, such as where the Student fails to comply with the School District’s Code of Conduct or any applicable laws or the rules, policies, or procedures of the School District or its Homestay program; or 
  2. are removed from the Program because the information provided in their application for enrollment is determined by the School District to be false or misleading, including undisclosed illness, medical or mental health conditions or undisclosed educational needs; or 
  3. have been accepted into the International Program on the basis that they are fee-paying participants, but later wish to make their application to be excused for paying fees on the basis of a change in residency status.  

 When Refunds will be Considered 

 Full refund 

The School District will receive and consider requests for the refund of Fees, other than Non-Refundable Fees, where: 

  1. the Student is refused a Study Permit by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), provided that  (i) the application for any permit or visa was submitted to IRCC within 15 days of the receipt of the Letter of Acceptance from the School District;  (ii) the Student has not previously applied for and been refused a Study Permit by IRCC; and (iii) the refund request is submitted in writing with the IRCC refusal letter within 15 days of the date of issue on the refusal letter; 
  2. the Student is unable to travel to Canada due to travel bans or restrictions imposed by a provincial or the federal government of Canada or the government of the Student’s country of residence, unless the travel ban is withdrawn within 30 days; or 
  3. the School District is satisfied that the Student is medically unfit or unable to travel to and attend in Canada to participate in the Program, provided that (i) the Student supplies, upon request, appropriate medical documentation supporting the reasons for the request; (ii) the Student or his/her Parent/Guardian was unaware of the medical unfitness at the time of accepting enrolment, and (iii) the request for a refund is received prior to the commencement of the Program. 

 Reduced refund amount 

If the School District determines that a refund is appropriate, the School District reserves the right to reduce the amount of Program Fees refunded to offset its own costs including the loss of any staff time or resources arising from a Student withdrawal.

For Students who have not begun the Program, a reduction in the amount of Program Fees refunded will be as follows: 

  1. 75% of the Program Fees will be refunded in the event that the withdrawal is submitted more than 120 days prior to the commencement of the Program. The commencement of the Program is considered the first day of classes as listed in the official school calendar; 
  2. 50% of the Program Fees will be refunded in the event the withdrawal is submitted between 120 days and 60 days of the commencement of the Program; 
  3. 25% of the Program Fees will be refunded in the event the withdrawal is submitted between 59 days and 30 days of the commencement of the Program; and 
  4. no refund will be issued for refund requests received less than 30 days or after the commencement of the Program. 

For Students who have participated in the Program for any length of time (a “returning student”), the amount of Program Fees refunded will be as follows: 

  1. 50% of the Program Fees will be refunded in the event the withdrawal is after a confirmed re-registration in January and before May 15 prior to the commencement of the next Program Year. 
  2. No refund will be issued for refund requests received after May 15 prior to the commencement of the next Program Year.   

For greater clarification, the Program year runs from September to June as listed in the School District’s published school calendar (“Program Year”). 

Once accepted into the Program, the Parent/Guardian is responsible for the Program Fees for the Program Year in which enrollment has been granted.  These fees are payable and not subject to refund based on any changes in residency status. 

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