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Students can prepare for their entry into Canada and arrival in West Vancouver by reading through the following recommendations.

Complete all the necessary forms

Please submit your West Vancouver Schools Student Arrival Details Form.

    • Include your flight itinerary
    • Be sure to select whether airport pick-up service is required or not

Build a relationship with your host family

If your host family is open to having a meeting, use Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to get to know one another. Exchange ideas about your hobbies, favorite foods, pets, families and more. Exchange emails and phone numbers and program the information into your mobile phone.


Arrival in August or January

Please refer to the Tuition Fees page if you are staying with a West Vancouver Schools approved host family and arriving prior to September 1st or February 1st.


Packing and departure

In addition to your personal items, you must ensure you have the following packed in your carry-on luggage:

  • Passport
  • Study Permit or Letter of Introduction from the Canadian government (if studying for 6 months or longer)
  • Letter of Acceptance from West Vancouver Schools International Programs
  • Custodianship documents, unless travelling with your natural parent
  • Mobile phone, and all charging cables
  • A laptop, and all charging cables
  • Travel-sized bottle of hand-sanitizer (100 ml or less)
  • Masks, if required by your airline
  • Disinfectant wipes

We strongly suggest against booking any connection flights via the USA or booking connecting flights with tight timelines.



While in transit to the airport, in airports, and during the flight(s), keep in mind:

  • Bring some food as restaurants or stores may be closed
  • Be prepared for airline delays, re-routing, and cancellations
  • Keep mobile phone charged if using throughout the flight to watch movies or play games

Arrival in Canada

When you arrive in Canada you should proceed through the airport as instructed.

Please have all your documents as listed previously under Packing and Departure ready for inspection when you undergo border screening.

  • You should keep a back-up of your documents on your phone and computer. 
  • If you need help at the airport, go to the service desk or look for volunteers that can help you.  At Vancouver International Airport the volunteers are wearing green shirts.
  • Exit into the arrivals area and proceed to the designation meeting area for your driver or for transit options.
  • If you are being picked up by tour partner Language Limousine, exit the baggage area, and go directly to meet the driver. Contact your Homestay Coordinator for detailed instructions regarding airport pick up if you haven’t already received it by email.
  • If you arranged your own transportation, please be sure to confirm a meeting spot.



Angela Consiglio for West Vancouver Secondary at 604.842.7578 or email

Randene Jinks for Rockridge and Sentinel Secondary at 604.313.0012 or email

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