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What is homestay like?

You can expect to be warmly welcomed into your homestay as a part of their family. Your attitude and friendliness will help you get the most out of your homestay visit in Canada. So, come with an open mind. Come prepared to participate in family life. You’ll share chores and responsibilities just like a family member.

Most students have many questions about homestay life and what to prepare for. Here are some Student FAQ’s that will help answer some of those questions.

There might be certain times you find more difficult than others when adjusting to your new homestay, unfamiliar language and new environment. This is very normal and won’t last long. Be patient. Give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings, seasons and experiences. Many students are amazed at how quickly things can change for the better. We want you to have the opportunity to make lasting relationships and memories during your time with us in West Vancouver.

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Homestay families are a great way to experience Canada.

Some positive aspects of a homestay are:


  1. Canadians are from everywhere! We live in a multicultural society.
  2. We get along nicely across differences and don’t discriminate based on ethnicity, first language, religion, gender, marital status (single/married), etc.
  3. Our host families may be traditional or non-traditional, with one or two parents, many or no children. 
  4. Pets are warmly welcomed in Vancouver homes. Families have dogs and cats and treat them like a member of the family, which means they will live inside the house.
  5. Commuting is common. Most people live in suburban neighbourhoods and commute to school and work – 45 minutes can be a common bus commuting time. 
  6. Our bus system is very safe and clean and Canadian high school students are used to taking the bus to school, home, shopping, etc. 

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