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Come with an open mind

When you live with a local homestay family, you’ll excel at learning Canadian culture and our language. You’ll have the chance to hear new expressions, try your latest new vocabulary and best of all, learn to laugh at jokes.

You’ll share a fine home in West Vancouver with a welcoming Canadian family. Participate in their everyday activities. Have fun while learning.

Your attitude and friendliness will help you get the most out of your homestay visit in Canada. So, come with an open mind. Come prepared to participate in family life. You’ll share chores and responsibilities just like a family member.

Yes, your first few weeks in an unfamiliar country with a new family might be difficult. It’s natural to feel homesick or frustrated with a new environment and language. Be patient. Give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings. Many students are amazed at how quickly their attitude can change for the better.

Canadians are from everywhere!

As a multicultural society, we have people with backgrounds from all over the world. We are happy to accept other people and their unique take on Canadian culture. We communicate in English (French is also an official language) and get along very well together. Generally, we do not promote stereotypes about people and are sometimes even shy about asking about a person’s birth country. Please understand that we cannot make choices solely based on ethnicity, first language, religion, gender, marital status (single/married), etc.

Houses are large with great basements!

Most of our houses are large, made from a wood frame, and efficient central heating. This allows us to have a very common feature of a Canadian home – the basement suite! Many rooms are in the basement, but this does not mean they are cold and damp.

Commuting is common!

Most people live in suburban neighbourhoods and commute to school and work – 45 minutes can be a common bus commuting time. Our bus system is very safe and clean and Canadian high school students are used to taking the bus to school, home, shopping, etc. Homestay families are not required to drive their students to and from school.

We Love Pets!

Many families, especially in the Vancouver area, are crazy about pets. They have dogs and cats and treat them like a member of the family, which means they will live inside the house. Please expect to see many friendly doggy faces as you settle into your new city.

Families come in different shapes and sizes!

Our host families may be traditional or non-traditional, with one or two parents, many or no children. Again, please understand that we cannot make choices solely based on marital status and children.

Keep the International Programs office informed

If you join your host family in holidays and/or travel, you’ll be expected to share the costs. If you choose not to participate in these activities, any alternate arrangements must be acceptable to you, your homestay parents, and our International Programs staff.

If students are not staying at or with their host parents, our International Program staff should be notified.