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Wrapping up your time in West Vancouver

We hope you have had a fabulous time in West Vancouver and have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime! The International Programs team has a few important reminders for you.

Departing and flight details

Students who are departing and returning students who are going home during the summer months should book their flights well in advance.  Once you have booked a flight, please send your Homestay Coordinator ( your flight details.


It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they can exit Canada successfully. Please be aware that you:

– Must make transportation arrangements to YVR for your departure ahead of time and communicate these plans with your Homestay Coordinator (

– Must make arrangements for all personal belongings to be taken home with your (or shipped at your own cost)

– Travel with all necessary documents including:

        • Passport
        • Study permit
        • Letter of acceptance

– Double check all airport and flight requirements and prepare in advance

YVR Luggage Storage

Do you have a lot of luggage to bring to the airport?  Why not plan ahead and store it at YVR before your booked departure date?  There is a luggage storage option at the airport that can make your departure a much easier experience.

Click on the following link to start the process of booking online to store your luggage


  • You can bring along your luggage and store it there when you go to the airport to say goodbye to friends
  • Will allow for more options on how to get to the airport on your departure date without having to carry all of your luggage with you
  • Makes an early morning departure much less hectic
  • You can be sure you are not leaving any belongings behind when you clear the clutter of luggage from your homestay

Click on the following link to start the process of booking online to store your luggage


  • If you have a connecting flight within Canada – Book the Domestic Terminal Storage
  • If you have a connecting flight outside of Canada or a direct flight – Book the International Terminal Storage
  • Book the specific date and time of luggage drop off and luggage pick up then check the availability

Click on the following link to start the process of booking online to store your luggage

Prices on the website are currently listed in Canadian dollars but can be changed to Euros, Pound sterling or US dollars. The language option can also be changed from English to Chinese, French, German or Spanish.


Oversized luggage

This option is for large items such as bikes, ski/snowboards or items weighing over 36.29 kg

  • $14.00 per day
  • Maximum availability 66 spots

Large Suitcase

This option is for regular luggage that is up to 62 total inches or 158 total centimeters

  • $11.00 per day
  • Maximum availability 100 spots

Carry On Luggage

This options is for baggage that can be stowed on board an aircraft / 45 total inches or 25 total centimeters

  • $10.50 per day
  • Maximum availability 100 spots

Key Storage

This option is for small items that will be stored in a locker such as keys, passport, documents etc.

  • $7.00 per day
  • Maximum availability 100 spots

Arrival in August or September for returning students

Planning your arrival to West Vancouver

As you start making your plans to return to West Vancouver, there are a few details you will need to consider:

– Have you filled out the Arrival Details Form to notify us of your return details?

– If you are arriving in August, be prepared to pay your homestay for the additional fees per night at $45 per night for August.

– Check for any updates or changes to Canadian Government required regulations regarding international arrivals to Canada.

Report cards and attendance letter

Our office will upload a copy of your report card to your True North student record. We do this for all secondary international students. 

Apostille for Report Cards: In addition to uploading your report card to True North, students from Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Italy will have their report cards sent for an Apostille. Once complete, the report card will be sent to their agent by priority mail. For more information, please email Ms. Jenny Chung at

Enrollment Letter: If you require a letter stating that you attended school in West Vancouver, please email this request to Ms. Jenny Chung at



Curfew and rules are still in place until you leave.

If you are leaving Canada permanently, remember to return any keys, take all your belongings with you, and make sure your living spaces are left clean and tidy. Your homestay families will be sad to see you leave! Leaving a thank you card for your homestay is always a nice gesture.


Communicate and participate in your learning until your departure. Don’t forget to say goodbye to your counsellor and teachers. Please follow your school’s instructions regarding the return of school materials and textbooks.

Graphing Calculators

Any students who borrowed a graphing calculator or computer from our International Programs Office will need to return them to our office to obtain their refund before they permanently leave Canada. Please call or email the office to book an appointment to meet with us (604.981.1058 or

Medical Insurance

Please click here to learn about what happens to your MSP coverage in the end of school year.

We hope you have enjoyed your experience in Canada and in particular at West Vancouver Schools!

To apply to attend one of West Vancouver Schools elementary or secondary schools, please click on the button.

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