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International Programs Office

Address: 1075 21 Street, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 4A9
Phone: 604-981-1158

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School websites

Please click the link below for West Vancouver school lists and websites.


Students in West Vancouver Schools follow a published annual calendar that can be found on our main website here:

Important school year dates for international students can also be found here:


Counsellors are there to assist you. Know your counsellor and advise them of any concerns.
They can help with academics, timetable, social and emotional issues. Get to know them!

Homestay parents are most welcome to contact the counsellors with questions or concerns as well.
If you have attendance issues or concerns, please contact your students’ counsellor.

West Vancouver Secondary | 1750 Mathers Avenue | 604-981-1100

Name Phone number Students Email Address
Joey McLeod 604-981-1327 Grade 8 +9
Catherine Walton 604-981-1173 Grade 10-12 A-L
Stewart McAllen 604-981-1326 Grade 10-12 M-Z

Sentinel Secondary School | 1250 Chartwell Drive | 604-981-1130

Name Phone number Students Email Address
Lisa Ulinder Ext:  10410 Last name:  A-G
Rebecca Britten Ext:  10411 Last name:  H-L
Scott Derganc Ext:  10412 Last name:  M-Sl
Kate Drew Ext:  10413 Last name:  Sm-Z

Rockridge Secondary School | 5350 Headland Drive | 604-981-1300

Name Phone number Students Email Address
Michael Pandher  604-981-1315 All international students

Multicultural Worker School Hours | 778-271-2198 | 

School Name Time
West Vancouver Secondary Tuesday mornings The small room next to the office
Rockridge Wednesday mornings The small room next to the counselor’s office
Sentinel Thursday mornings Counselling Department office conference room

Child, youth, and family resources