Fundraising Overview

The PAC receives revenue from three primary sources:

  1. Provincial Gaming Grant
  2. PAC Levy and Parent Donations on PAC Events
  3. Multicultural Lunch

The bulk of these funds are used to support our Wish List and student scholarships as well as building up funds for high cost one-off projects like ‘updating locker rooms’ or ‘renovating bathrooms’.

For more information on our Wish List, please view the Wish List page.

During the school year the PAC will host other fund raising events for specific projects. These will be listed under the “News and Announcements” on this page as well as the PAC Events, Projects and Committees page.

Provincial Gaming Grant

Every year the PAC applies to the B.C. Government for a Gaming Grant. Gaming Grant funds must be used to directly support students by enhancing their extracurricular opportunities (e.g. clubs, sports, scholarships, bike racks, etc.). Over ½ of our revenue for Wish List items comes from the Gaming Grant.

PAC Levy

Included in your student’s school fees is a $25.00 PAC Levy. These funds are extremely important as they provide over 1/3 of our yearly revenue and also go to supporting Sentinel’s Wish List. Unlike Gaming Grant funds, these funds have no spending restrictions and we are able to use these funds for items in the classroom (e.g. dictionaries, globes, eReaders, etc.) as well as extracurricular. The PAC Levy is a crucial source of revenue and we could not achieve our goals without them. The PAC and the staff and students of Sentinel highly appreciate the contributions given by parents over the years.

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Multicultural Lunch

Our remaining funds come from our yearly Multicultural Lunch (MCL) event. Over the years the MCL has become a very popular event, for both students and staff, who love tasting cuisines from around the world. To ensure the success of this event we need enough food to feed approximately 1200 students plus staff. This can only be achieved through both food and monetary donations and the helpful support of our parent volunteers. Every contribution is welcomed and highly appreciated by all.

Most common questions about MCL

Event Details and Food Preparation Guidelines

MCL Lunch signup

Usually, no tax receipt will be issued to donations made in cash, E-transfer or cheque. But if you do want one, please make the donation to the school district via school cash online or write the cheque payable to Sentinel Secondary, fill out the donation form and attach it to your cheque. Thank you


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