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Sentinel Secondary School

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Finch, Michael – Principal (Gr. 12)
Grant, Kathy – Vice-Principal (Gr. 9 & 11)
Anderson, Shawn – Vice Principal (Gr. 8 & 10)
Nelson, Diane – Director of Instruction (Academies)


Addis, D. (Science)
Alm, K. (Science)
Armstrong, D. (Career Life Education)
Armstrong, S.(English)  
Battram, C. (Science)
Bauck, C (PE/Art)  
Beetlestone, P. (English)
Bond, J. (Library)
Braidek, I. (Marketing/Computer Studies)
Caine, N. (Textiles/Food Studies)
Cameron, J. (P.E./Social Studies)
Chase, K. (Social Studies)
Conkin, B (English, ASK)
Curtin, S. (Science)
Elliot, C. (French)
Evans, C. (Fine Arts)
Fenn, M. (P.E./Athletics)
Fromowitz, D. (Social Studies)
Fuller, A. (English)
Gibson, D. (Science)
Gibson, J. (Work Experience/P.E.)
Gray, M. (Social Studies/Geography)
Gray, S. (Marketing/Economics)
Griffiths, D. (Social Studies)
Grikis, L. (Science)
Hadfield, M. (LSP)
Hambly, M. (Fine Arts)
Hammett, B. (Science)
Hart, L. (Food Studies)
Heavyside, C. (Careers/Library)
Higgs, A.(English/Accounting/Social Justice)
Hsia, C. (Science)
Huang, J. (Science/Mathematics)
Jamieson, L. (Mathematics)
Jenks, A. (Connect)
Johnson, B. (Mathematics)
Liu, J. (Mandarin)  
Lleres, N. (French Immersion)  
Ma, G. (Mathematics)  
Malone, H. (Applied Skills/Home Ec.)
McGuinness-Gill, M. (Drama/Social Studies)  
McKeen, T. (TA: Science)  
McLean, T. (English/ELL)  
McNiven, B.(PE)  
Mirmiran, S. (French Immersion)  
Miyamoto, M. (Japanese)
Morvarid, M. (French, FSL)
Naami, A. (French Immersion)
Obeck, C. (English)
Ogawa, A. (Science)
Page-Newman, N. (Spanish)
Pla, J. (French Immersion)
Plant, A. (P.E.)
Popov, J. (French Immersion/Science)
Reader, C. (LSP)
Sacault, C. (French Immersion)
Scholefield, D. (English)
Seaton, J. (Mathematics)
Sommers, L.
Sparkes, J(Fine Arts)
Tabone, A(English)
Takahashi, J. (Mathematics)
Virag, Z. (Music)
Visser, D. (Woodwork)
Wilson, H.(English)
Winstone, L. (Computer Studies/Peer Tutoring/Athletics)


COUNSELLING – by Student Surname    
Ulinder, Lisa (A-G)    
Britten, Rebecca (H-L)    
Huskilson, Stefan (M-Sl)    
Drew, Kate (Sm-Z)    
Bayou, Erin (Youth Worker)    


Leeson, Karen (Admin. Assistant and Registrar)
Janda, Katrin (Secretary, Student Records, Transcripts)
Douglass, Carly (Data Clerk, MyEd Help)
Carruthers, Allison (Accountant, School Cash Online Help)
Ledingham, Tara (Academy Secretary)