We welcome and encourage all parents to volunteer at the school. The Sentinel PAC runs Special Events throughout the school year and all these events need parent volunteers to be successful.

We realize that not all parents can volunteer time due to other commitments. If you’d like to help but don’t have the time please consider:

  • Volunteering to provide food at one of our many events
  • Providing a cash donation, writing cheque made payable to the Sentinel PAC, or E-transferring the fund to sentinelpac@gmail.com
  • Donating an item to be used as a gift or prize at events. This could include gift certificates (restaurant, coffee store, book store), wine, house ware, etc.

Welcome Back Teachers and Staff

Date: September 25th, 2020

This is the first event of this year funded by PAC to welcome teachers and staff back to school. Here are some pictures taking on that day.


Holiday Treats Day

DATE: December 18, 2020

Thank you to all the parents who donated towards the Sentinel Holiday Treats Day, December 18, 2020.

Sentinel staff is very thankful for all your generosity and they all enjoyed the holiday luncheon and their special gifts.

On behalf of the PAC, we thank all parents who support our school events.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Jolly Holidays.

Valentine’s Day Treats

SAVE THE DATE: February 11, 2021

This is a well-loved event hosted by grade 9 parents. It is a tradition at Sentinel to show teachers and staff our love and appreciation for  Valentine’s Day Treats in February. This year the valentine’s Day treats will be on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

In previous years, we asked parents to provide baked goods, appetizers, fruits, and drinks but this year due to Covid19, and for everyone’s safety, we are asking parents for a monetary donation to get Valentine’s treats.  Donations can be made via e-transfer (SentinelPAC@gmail.com) or cash or cheque (payable to Sentinel PAC) and have your child drop off at the school office in a sealed envelope with “Valentine’s Treats” written on it.  The deadline to donate is Monday, February 1st.

Thank you to all Grade 9 parents for their Valentine’s Donation.  All staff loved their special treats

Multicultural Lunch

SAVE THE DATE:  2021 PAC MCL Fundraiser Campaign

The Multicultural Lunch is the time we pause to celebrate the rich diversity, culture, and heritage of the Sentinel student body and is the PAC’s main fundraiser. To ensure the continued success of this event we require a large number of parent volunteers as well as monetary and food donations. Please be on the look-out for the e-mails (copies can be found on our MCL page on this website) which will contain all the necessary instructions for signing up and join us in organizing the students’ favorite event of the year.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

SAVE THE DATE: June 28, 2021

Our Staff Appreciation Lunch is to thank teachers for all their personal time they spend on helping our kids, organizing activities for them, coaching them in sports, and assisting them outside of class … and just for being our great teachers!