Student Counselling Services


Sentinel counsellors are qualified to provide students and their families with both academic and mental health support. Students, based on their last names, are assigned to one of four counsellors.

Please see our updated counselling page ( on the school’s website for additional information regarding student services (e.g. mental health resources), course planning, graduation, post-secondary planning, and scholarship opportunities.

More information is available on the Sentinel counsellor’s website, with links to:

English Language Learners


Sentinel is very proud to be the home for students from all over the world.  For the students who do not have sufficient English language skills to be successful in their academic course work, a comprehensive program is offered to support them as they develop their skills in English.

Sentinel’s goal is to prepare the students prior to entry into regular classes, and to support them in integrated classes.  As well, additional ELL time will be spent on introducing students to the societal norms and expectations of the community, province, and country.

Learning Support Centre

LEARNING SUPPORT CENTRE: Learning Support Program

This class serves students who are experiencing mild to moderate difficulties in learning in one or more academic areas.  The primary role of the Learning Support Centre (LSC) is to help students succeed in the classroom and in independent learning.  Students receive instruction in organizational skills and study skills while they complete assignments and prepare for tests.  Where applicable, students are encouraged to develop compensatory skills to minimize the effect of a challenging condition in learning.  The Learning Support teacher contacts the student’s classroom teachers on how best to facilitate learning for the student.  Evaluations are based on student effort, organization, and effective use of time to complete work.  Referrals are made by teachers and/or counsellors in consultation with the parents.  Students may be enrolled in this class for a year or a term.  The Learning Centre has a supportive and positive atmosphere and is open to all Sentinel students some noon hours and after school.

The program is also available for those students who have a learning disability.  These students will have a Psycho-Educational Assessment and an Individual Education Plan which outlines program adaptations and/or modifications.

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