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New Student Orientation Objectives

  • To prepare international students for academic and social success.
  • To introduce students to their new city, school, and culture.
  • To foster a sense of community and connection with the students and their student leaders.
  • To facilitate administrative tasks such as documentation of students, English Language Assessment, and data collection for program improvement.

New Student Virtual Orientation - August 26 to September 3, 2020

Our New Student Orientation structure is dependent on the guidelines from the Provincial Ministry of Education and the Quarantine Act that the Government of Canada has put in place.


Currently all travellers arriving in Canada, including students, will have to undergo quarantine. As the situation is continually evolving, we have planned on providing a Virtual Orientation for our new secondary students.


Our Virtual Orientation will continue to meet our New Student Orientation Objectives by including students in the following activities online through our Google Classrooms.

  • A warm welcome and introductions from the International Office Staff.
  • To prepare students for the classroom, technology will be demonstrated and utilized to familiarize students with Google Classroom and other school district programs.
  • Teachers will lead a daily at home exercise routine to ensure students are getting physical activity while in isolation.
  • Online social interaction between students will be facilitated by teachers and International Office staff.
  • Daily Check-ins will occur between students, Teachers, and International Office Staff.
  • Students will be introduced virtually to the “Top 10 things to see and do while they are in Vancouver”.
  • Information will be given and student will learn how to navigate the city using the transit system – bus, seabus and skytrain.
  • Culture Shock – what is it, what to expect and how to cope.  Important topics to understand.
  • Students will learn about the community they are living in.  The Library, Recreation Centre, Policing and Shopping Areas.
  • How to open locks, read timetables, change courses and how to navigate other school related processes and important for students to know.
  • Language Assessments for English class placement will be conducted live and remotely by our teachers.
  • Custodianship, Medical, Student Success, and Homestay Presentations will be given by our International Office Staff.
  • Students will experience Virtual School Tours of their new high schools.  Becoming familiar with their school setting before even attending their first day of classes.