Student Information

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Mr. Michael Frankowski

District Administrator

Michael oversees the International Programs Department and is responsible for the global marketing of West Vancouver School District. He frequently visits East Asia, Europe, Latin America, and South-east Asia to recruit the best international students to West Vancouver. He has specialized in international education at both the university and K-12 level for the past 14 years and has worked in public education in British Columbia since 1997.

Phone: 604.981.1046

Ms. Crystal Tanfara

Vice Principal

As our Vice Principal, Crystal ensures our international students’ academic, social, and cultural success while enrolled in West Vancouver International Programs. Her background as a teacher, Counsellor, and administrator allows us to deliver superior programs for our international students.

Phone: 604.981.1299

Ms. Dona Wang


Dona has worked in the West Vancouver School District for the past 10 years and became our Manager in April 2015. She is responsible for financial management of our program, including collecting tuition fees, processing refunds, issuing receipts, and agent relations. She also supports the team for programs such as Orientation and summer camps. Dona is fluent in Mandarin.

Phone: 604.981.1047

Ms. Martina Brazeau

Homestay Manager

Martina is responsible for the overall direction of our homestay team. She recruits and approves homestay families and places new students into homestays, then works closely with our Homestay coordinators to ensure students and families are supported.

Martina is fluent in German and has been working with students for over 17 years with a number of educational organizations. She joined us in July 2014 as a Homestay Coordinator and became the Homestay Manager in February 2018.

Phone: 604.981.1159

Ms. Yasuko Otsuka

Homestay Coordinator

Yasuko works closely with Martina and Sarah to ensure our students settle into their homestay and continue to be successful throughout their time in West Vancouver. She works with students who are attending Rockridge and Sentinel Secondary schools.

Yasuko is fluent in Japanese. She joined our team in May 2015.

Phone: 604.981.1154

Ms. Sarah Edgcomb

Homestay Coordinator

Sarah works with students who are attending West Vancouver Secondary as they get settled into their new homestay and life in West Vancouver. She rounds out the homestay team, which is a crucial element in a student’s success in our International Program.

Sarah is fluent in Dutch. She joined our team in April 2018.

Phone: 604.981.1155

Ms. Tiffany Zeng

Multicultural Worker (Mandarin)

Tiffany looks out for our students’ success by supporting them in their cultural and academic transition to the Canadian classroom. Working in concert with Crystal Tanfara and school counsellors, she meets with students at their school to ensure that their needs are met. Well-versed in serving multicultural clients, Tiffany is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Phone: 778.871.2198

Ms. Haley Topnik


Our Receptionist, Haley, is responsible for front-line support of our clients including helping them with general enquiries, forms, and guiding them to our other team members for assistance. Haley also works with students and agents to keep our student information system up-to-date with documents and data. She joined our team in May 2015.

Phone: 604.981.1158