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New Student Orientation Objectives

  1. To prepare international students for academic and social success.
  2. To introduce students to their new city, school, and culture.
  3. To facilitate administrative tasks such as documentation of students, English Language Assessment, and data collection for program improvement.
  4. To foster a sense of community and connection with the students and their student leaders.

February 2018 Orientation

Date:               Thursday, February 1, 2018

Time:               8:00am to 2:50pm

Location:         West Vancouver Secondary School Library (morning) and Cypress Mountain (afternoon)

Arrival:             Students arrival at West Vancouver Secondary School at 8:00 am – 8:20am

Pick up:           Students will be dropped off at West Vancouver Secondary & Sentinel Secondary at 2:50 pm




8:00 – 8:25am:           Check-in at West Vancouver Secondary School Library (met our international team and have some breakfast treats!)

Please bring your passport and study permit as we will take a copy.


8:30 am:         Orientation begins!

Mr. Dave Dickson will lead the class in an exploration of Things Canadian.


11:45 am:         Lunch break – Lunch is free and provided by the West Vancouver Secondary School Cafeteria. (grab a bag  and go!)


12:00 am:        Bus transportation to Cypress Mountain (provided by Int’l department)

We will travel to a local mountain for a snowy adventure.


12:30 pm:        Tubbing at Cypress Mountain!! (12:30 – 02:30 pm)

Get ready to for some serious fun in the snow! Wear warm clothing (layers), winter gloves, hats, water resistant coat. Waterproof winter footwear with good tread is recommended.


02:50 pm:       Estimated time of return. We will drop off students at West Vancouver Secondary and at Sentinel Secondary. We will inform the homestay families of drop off times and locations.


If you are not able to attend the orientation, please be in contact with Crystal Tanfara ( We expect all students to attend.

We have notified homestay families that new students will be participating in this Orientation.

September 2018 Orientation (tentative schedule)

Date Time Event Place
Monday, August 20 9:30 AM Check-in Kay Meek Theatre
10:00 AM Welcome Ceremony Kay Meek Theatre
11:00 AM Class Time: Icebreakers West Vancouver Secondary (WVSS)
12:00 PM Lynn Valley Hiking (1/2 group) OR Lynn Valley, North Vancouver
Stanley Park Biking (1/2 group) Stanley Park, West Vancouver
4:00 PM Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Tuesday, August 21 9:00 AM Class: Transit and more West Vancouver Secondary
1100 AM Class: Written Assessment West Vancouver Secondary
12:00 PM Lynn Valley Hiking (1/2 group) OR Lynn Valley, North Vancouver
Stanley Park Biking (1/2 group) Stanley Park, West Vancouver
4:00PM Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Wednesday August 22 8:30 AM Bus departure -Lonsdale Quay West Vancouver Secondary (buses)
9:00 AM Seabus and Skytrain – Transit Lonsdale Quay to Gastown
10:15 AM Gastown to Chinatown Waterfront, Gastown to Chinatown
2:00 PM Metrotown Mall – Scavenger Hunt Chinatown to Metrotown
3:30 PM Skytrain/Seabus to Lonsdale Metrotown to Lonsdale
4:00 PM Buses transport to WVSS Lonsdale to WVSS
4:45 PM Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Thursday, August 23 7:30 AM Bus Departure-Kayak (Group A) WVSS to Jericho Beach, Vancouver
8:30 AM Class Time (Group B) West Vancouver Secondary
11:30 AM Kayak/Paddleboard (Group B) Jericho Beach, Vancouver
12:30 PM Class Time (Group A) West Vancouver Secondary
3:30 PM Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Friday, August 24 7:30 AM Arrive at School (class groups) West Vancouver Secondary
8:00 AM Victoria Trip – Full day (Bus leaves) Vancouver Island, Victoria
8:35 PM Return & Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Monday, August 27 9:00 AM Class: Reading Assessment West Vancouver Secondary
10:00 AM Class: School Culture & more West Vancouver Secondary
3:30 PM Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Tuesday, August 28 8:30 AM Class Time: Grouse West Vancouver Secondary
8:45 AM Grouse Mountain –Bus Departure Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver
3:30 PM Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Wednesday, August 29 9:00 AM Class: Strategies for success West Vancouver Secondary
10:30 AM Community Walk (Ambleside) Ambleside, Rec Centre, Int’l Office
12:30 PM BBQ Lunch & Final Farewell West Vancouver Secondary
2:30 PM Dismissal West Vancouver Secondary
Thursday, August 30 NONE Sleep-in and explore No classes – ProD Day
Friday,August 31 9:00 AM Sentinel – School Tour Go to your school for a Tour!
10:00 AM Rockridge – School Tour
10:30 AM West Vancouver Secondary-Tour Note: WVSS students should go to Kay Meek (the theatre beside WVSS)

Things to know:

Pick-up and drop-off

All pick-up and drop-off of students will take place West Vancouver Secondary School (1750 Mathers Ave, West Vancouver. Phone: 604-981-1100). First day is at Kay Meek Theatre (beside WVSS). Students should arrive at 9:30 am for registration. After Monday Aug 20, students can arrive starting at 8:30 am for “Global Café” in the Library. Students can relax, and socialize with new friends!


First Day (Monday Aug 20 9:30- 10:00 am for Registration – Kay Meek Theatre, 1700 Mathers Ave.)

We will be checking all students into New Student Orientation on Monday, August 20 from 9:30 am to 10:00 am. Please make sure to bring your passport, Study Permit, a bagged lunch, some bottled water and comfortable shoes! We ask that students provide us with their cell phone numbers and email addresses.   Afternoon is Lynn Canyon Hike or Stanley Park Biking.


Lynn Canyon Hike (Monday, August 20 and Tuesday, August 21)

Students will be led by staff and Student Leaders over Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, up to 30 Foot Pool, and around Rice Lake for a 6km hike. Please bring a bagged lunch and some bottled water. Wear appropriate clothing for hiking (layered clothing that you can take off/on depending on the temperature outside); walking/running shoes will do nicely.


Stanley Park Tour (Monday, August 20 and Tuesday, August 21)

Professional guides will take us around Stanley Park on a biking tour of some of Vancouver’s highlights and history! You must be able to ride a bicycle to join this activity; if you cannot ride a bike, please tell your teacher before the event. Bring bottled water, and sunscreen if needed.


Kayaking & Paddle Boarding at Jericho Beach (Schedule and times to be confirmed as well as groups)

Professional guides will make sure everyone can kayak! It is fun and does not require previous experience. Bring a bagged lunch, some bottled water, sunscreen, some extra clothes, and a towel (don’t worry, not everyone gets wet). Enjoy the views on the water!


Metrotown & Gastown: Learning Public Transit (Wednesday, August 22 – arrive at WVSS at 8:30am)

We will undertake ‘experiential learning’ of our transit system by taking the SeaBus and SkyTrain to Metrotown, our city’s largest shopping mall. There, we will have some time to explore and get to know our new friends. We will be conducting an exciting scavenger hunt – so get ready to talk to locals, take pictures and win prizes while working in teams! Lunch can be purchased on your own at the Food Court. We will also have some time to explore Vancouver’s touristic Gastown and Chinatown.


Victoria Day Trip: Our Capital City on Vancouver Island   (Friday, August 24 – be at WVSS at 7:30am! Return is 8:35pm)

This is a full day trip departing early in the morning. Have your cameras ready! We will be taking a ferry to arrive to the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Victoria has beautiful views of the mountains and oceans. We will explore the legislature, museums and more. Suggested items to bring are spending money, a bagged lunch, bottled water, a waterproof/warm jacket and comfortable shoes. Please make sure your host family is aware that this event ends at @ 8:35pm for pick up!


Language Assessment (Tuesday, August 21 & Monday, August 27) 

We will be assessing students reading and writings levels in English on Tuesday, August 23 and Monday, August 29. There is nothing students need to do to prepare. Students should bring a pen, pencil and eraser on all days. This is for placement purposes only. Students who miss these assessments will be tested in their school. Math assessments may take place in your school.


Grouse Mountain (Tuesday, August 28 – arrive at school at 8:30AM)

We will be heading up to one of our local mountains for summertime activities. Professional guides will take us to some of the sites to learn about First Nations history, local ecology, and sustainable energy projects. Suggested items to bring are spending money, a bagged lunch, bottled water, a weatherproof light jacket and sunglasses.


West Vancouver Community Walking Tour (Wednesday, August 31)

Students will also be lead on a walking tour of the beautiful Ambleside area. An opportunity to see our local stores, the recreation centre, library, seawall and the beaches as well as the International Office!