July 8th, 2021

Today was my last official day at Cypress Park. I still remember my first, almost as if it were yesterday. It’s hard to believe that was four years ago. Many changes have happened in that time… staff have come and gone; a new addition to the playground was installed; the front garden was transformed; our logo was updated, four cohorts of new Kindergarten students have come, and four cohorts of grade 3 students have moved up to West Bay.  But many things have also stayed the same… the warm feeling you get when you walk through the school, the smiles on people’s faces when they talk about Cypress Park, and the incredibly supportive community of students, parents, and staff.  

I am so thankful and appreciative for my years at Cypress Park. Whether our paths crossed for one year or four, or somewhere in between, I have enjoyed getting to know you, and learning more about our special school and community. 

When I look back to the first blog post I wrote for Cypress Park (Aug 2017), I included elements of the Learner Profile I hoped to see students exhibit. I encouraged them to:

Inquire by being curious and by actively enjoying their learning;
to Communicate by sharing their ideas and listening to others’ ideas;
to become more Knowledgeable by exploring a variety of ideas and learning new things;
to be Open-minded and Caring by being respectful to the needs and perspectives of others;
to be Principled Thinkers by problem solving and taking responsibility for their own actions;
to be Risk-Takers by approaching new ideas and situations with courage;
to Reflect by thinking about how they learn best;
and to demonstrate Balance by enjoying time with their families outside of the school day.”

Little did I know then, that these are precisely the attributes Cypress Park students embody each and every day and in doing so, they have helped me continue to focus on these important values both personally, and as a leader at the school. I also wrote about infusing joy into my teaching. When I reflect on that now, I realize that as much joy as I brought, the students (and staff) brought it back in return. I think the most important lesson I have learned though, that you have helped to teach me, is what it really means to “have HEART”! and for that, I am so grateful. 

Thank you for the lovely send off. The heartfelt messages I received, as well as the thoughtful acts of kindness and generosity. I will continue to wear my Cypress Park shirt with pride, and will think fondly of you all. Best wishes for a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Evans