by C. Lux, guest blogger

Today I took on a BIG challenge, I became Vice Principal of Cypress Park for the day! I felt pretty excited for the day ahead of me. I was hoping to supervise, solve some problems, and get to know what the teachers, and especially Mrs. Evans does every day. 

Here is a snapshot of what my day looked like:

I arrived at school.  got to enter through the staff room door! The first thing I did was wash my hands, sign in, and complete my health check. Then I greeted the teachers and said ‘hello’. 

I greeted my classmates as they walked in through the door. Then I had to head off for a briefing for the day and get myself settled in my ‘office space’. 

I met with Mrs. Evans and we chatted about how the meeting with Superintendent Kennedy might go later that morning. I got things set up for our Track + Field meet today and tasked Ms. Flower with making copies of our recording sheet and gathering the materials. 

I went outside for recess supervision. I had to pick up dog poop (gross!) and I solved a couple of problems. I had to remind a student a couple times to not climb on the tree (because it wasn’t safe). I also had to help a couple other kids solve a problem. 

I met with Superintendent Kennedy and Principal Grimwood. I felt pretty nervous about meeting with them. I felt under pressure about the questions they might ask. But, the meeting was good. I was able to answer their questions and ask my questions. I even got an extra long lunch recess for the school.

Time for lunch supervision. I went to all the classrooms to tell them about our 7 minute extension of recess. I also had to supervise my classmates while they were eating. It was SO loud! I had to give lots of reminders to sit down, eat their lunch, and then read quietly. I even had to have an extra meeting to talk about what went wrong at lunchtime with the class. My other responsibilities included: getting ice packs and generally making sure the kids were doing what was expected. 

I met with Associate Superintendent Nosek. It’s challenging to speak to super important people in the distinct but I was able to talk about the issues we’ve been having with our wifi. Mr. Nosek told me that they have a project and are trying to get better wifi, but also it’s challenging, expensive and it’ll take some time. 

Top 3 things you should know about being Vice Principal:

  1. It’s hard work. You’ve got to do a lot of work. You have to walk around to classrooms and teachers might need to talk with you or need help with something. You’re constantly running around because there’s always something to do.
  2. It’s challenging to take on jobs you’ve never done before, but trust your confidence and believe in yourself that you can try new things. 
  3. It’s also really fun. You get to meet all the kids, say hello, and put smiles on their faces.

Thank you for reading about my journey being a Vice Principal for the day! 

*Mr. Lux was an incredible administrator today. He was calm, kind, and fair. He worked hard and I’m sure will sleep well tonight! Thank you Mr. Lux for taking charge today.