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Give the Gift that Truly Sucks – (CO2 that is)!
Christmas Card & Gift in One! Let us do all the work for you with this Covid-free Healing Holiday Gift – Mother Nature approved!

Poster attached for more information.

How does this work?
We will mail your loved one a cool Sequoia vintage Holiday postcard (made of sugar cane offcuttings) with your message and the GPS coordinates of a newly planted baby Sequoia tree in their honour. Their Sequoia can then be geocached for a fun treasure hunt! At a time when our beautiful Planet needs much Healing, these carbon sucking rockstar Sequoias are the perfect remedy, sequestering up to 3.5 metric tonnes of CO2 annually!
What do I get? 
One Sequoia Postcard with corresponding GPS coordinates (including postage) 
$25 Holiday Special – Buy 2, Get One Free $50
With each Tree purchased 10% donated to school PAC.

To order please visit

With much Love & Gratitude to our human family this Holiday Season from all of at Sequoia Solution, and Mother Earth too 🌱🌳🌎🎁♥️


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