Our Fundraising Events

Winter Fundraisers – “Growing Smiles” plant sales. December 2023.
Spring Fundraisers – TBA

Optional PAC Donation

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) would like to thank West Vancouver Secondary School parents who make the annual contribution to WVSS PAC to support our children in both the classroom and in extra-curricular and sporting activities.

The 2023/2024 Optional PAC Contribution is available on School Cash Online. https://westvancouver.schoolcashonline.com/. You have the option to choose one of three donation amounts: $25, $50, or $75. You can contribute more than once and at any time throughout the year!

Your donations enhance your child’s school experience in so many ways, and provide extra support to our students, the teachers and the school staff at WVSS. To allow us to continue with this support this year, please include the PAC Optional Donation on your School Cash Online fee payment. Your PAC donation works alongside the BC Gaming Grant funds that the PAC applies for each year.

You can also read this information in Mandarin Translation (PDF) and Farsi Translation (PDF).

Here is what you need to do to support our school:

Login to your account on School Cash Online http://www.schoolcashonline.com/. If you do not have a School Cash Online account yet, you will need to create or register for a SCO account, which is necessary for paying all student fees online instead of issuing a cheque or sending cash to the school. (Check out the SCO Registration for step-by-step instructions.)

Once you have an account, you can donate by signing into your account, clicking on SHOW ALL ITEMS, and then the OPTIONAL PAC CONTRIBUTION, and the amount of your choice ($25, $50, or $75). You can donate more than once (i.e., as many times as you wish, at any time throughout the year)!

The WVSS PAC thanks you so much for your support!

To Volunteer for the PAC, click on the button below.

Or email: wvsspac@wvschools.ca

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