WVSS Staff Contacts

WVSS Main Phone Number 604-981-1100

Mr. Rauh Principal (Grade 12)
Ms. Tanfara Vice Principal (Grade 8 and 9)
Ms. Towers Vice Principal (Grade 10 and 11)
Ms. Walton Student Counsellor for Last Names A – L (Grade 10 – 12) Direct # 604-981-1173
Mr. McAllen Student Counsellor for Last Names M – Z (Grade 10 – 12) Direct # 604-981-1326
Ms. Rice Student Counsellor for Grade 8 & 9 (Monday – Wednesday) Direct # 604-981-1327
Mr. Chan Youth Worker
Support Staff
Ms. Caruth Career Program Assistant
Ms. Krieger Office Support for the South Campus
Ms. Kerr Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Ms. Kong SIS Database Clerk
Ms. Bornea Business Manager
Ms. Avotins Secretary/Registrar
Mr. Ablett Coding & Robotics
Ms. C.Baker Physical Education
Ms. Blundell English
Ms. Boyer Social Studies
Mr. Campagnolo Career Life Education, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Mr. Cave Art
Mr. Chugani Robotics & Drafting
Ms. Colhoun Geography & Theory of Knowledge, IB Coordinator
Mr. Cormier Woodwork and Train in Trades Carpentry
Ms. Cormier English & Creative Writing
Mr. Cowan Science 9, 10 and Physics
Mr. Davidoff Chemistry
Mr. Daudlin Concert Band, Guitar & Rock Band
Ms. Delaney Math and Science
Ms. De Lazzer Learning Support
Mr. Dignum Physical Education
Ms. Earland Science/Biology
Ms. Eidnani Foods
Ms. Emadi Social Studies & Economics
Mr. Espenhain Science/Physics
Ms. Finch Volleyball Academy
Ms. Fulla Dance and English
Ms. Fulton District Honour Choir
Ms. George Social Studies/English
Ms. Gruber Foods and Textiles
Mr. Harvey Social Studies
Mr. Herrington Woodwork
Ms. Hewton Science
Ms. Higgins Learning Support
Ms. Hoyak Drama/Theatre Company/Musical Theatre
Mr. Huang Math and Science
Mr. Hunter Math and Drafting
Ms. Ivankovic Science/Geology/Earth Science/Sustainable Resources
Mr. Kay Robotics Academy
Ms. Kidd Student Support
Mr. Kozak Mathematics/Pre-Calculus
Ms. Larway English
Ms. Lawson Social Studies, Law
Mr. Lee Math and ICT
Ms. Lee English and Social Studies
Mr. Liu Mandarin
Mr. Lo Automotive/Drafting
Mr. MacGillivary Foods and PHE, Athletic Director
Mr. McAllen Counselling
Ms. McKee Business/Athletic Director
Mr. Meldrum Basketball Academy
Ms. Metcalfe Spanish
Ms. Miyamoto Japanese
Mr. Moroz Math and Duties as Assigned
Mr. Muselius English
Mr. Nicholson Mathematics/Calculus
Ms. Ocejo Art
Ms. Paget Social Studies/History
Mr. Pastucha Math, Robotics
Ms. Peterson Spanish/Textiles, Fashion Industry
Ms. Pirbhai Yoga/Accounting
Ms. Power English and ELL
Mr. Pugliese Skill Building
Mr. Randall Mathematics and Yoga Teacher Training
Ms. Reemeyer French
Ms. Rice Counselling
Mr. Richardson Science/Biology
Mr. Rispin ICT/Work Experience/Grad Transitions
Mr. Ros Physical Education
Ms. Saatchi ELL
Ms. Schwartz French
Ms. Seo Foods
Ms. Shin Math & Jazz Band
Mr. Smith English/ELL Coordinator/Social Studies
Mr. Sparrow English
Ms. Stead Learning Support
Mr. Stead Law/Social Studies
Ms. Stobbe Foods and Social Studies
Mr. Stoddart CONNECT
Mr. Suderman Mathematics/Pre-Calculus
Mr. Tan Library
Ms. Taylor Social Studies & Career Life
Ms. Trousdell Library
Ms. Tustin English
Mr. Vu Science/Chemistry/Forensics
Mr. Walton Social Studies
Ms. Walton Counselling
Ms. Ward Library
Ms. Wilson Robotics
Ms. Zanrosso English 8
Mr. Zimmerman Animation/Communications/Film Studies/Drama Film & TV
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