WVSS Staff Contacts

WVSS Main Phone Number 604-981-1100

Mr. Rauh Principal (Grade 12)
Ms. Tanfara Vice Principal (Grade 10 & 11)
Mr. Anderson Vice Principal (Grade 8 & 9)
Ms. Walton Student Counsellor for Last Names A – L (Grade 10 – 12)
Mr. McAllen Student Counsellor for Last Names M – Z (Grade 10 – 12)
Mr. Ahmelich Student Counsellor for Students in Grade 8 & 9
Support Staff
Ms. Caruth Career Program Assistant
Ms. Forsyth Office Support for the South Campus
Ms. Kerr Administrative Assistant
Ms. Kong SIS Database Clerk
Ms. Madill Business Manager
Ms. Schier Secretary/Registrar
Mr. Ablett Coding& Robotics
Ms. Baker Physical Education
Mr. Baker Careers & PE
Ms. Blundell English
Ms. Boyer Social Studies Grade 8 & 9
Ms. Buchanan Composition 11
Mr. Campagnolo Career Life Education, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Ms. Castro Dance & English 8
Mr. Cave Art
Mr. Chugani Robotics & Drafting
Ms. Colhoun Geography & Theory of Knowledge
Mr. Cormier Train in Trades
Ms. Cormier English & Creative Writing
Ms. Cotic English/Composition/Academic & Cultural Literacy/Literary Studies
Mr. Cowan Science 9, Physics & Rock Band
Mr. Davidoff Chemistry & Science 8
Mr. Daudlin Concert Band
Ms. De Lazzer Learning Support
Mr. Dignum Physical Education
Mr. Dodsworth French
Ms. Earland Science/Biology
Ms. Emadi Social Studies & Economics
Mr. Espenhain Science/Physics
Ms. Finch Physical Education
Ms. Fitzpatrick Fashion Industry
Ms. Froese French 8
Ms. Fulton Choir/District Honour Choir
Ms. George Social Studies/English
Ms. Gi Mathematics/Pre-Calculus
Mr. Glover Mathematics and Science
Ms. Hewton Mathematics 8
Ms. Hoyak Drama/Theatre Company/Musical Theatre
Mr. Huskilson Inglewood Secondary
Ms. Ivankovic Science/Geology/Earth Science/Sustainable Resources
Ms. James Learning Support Teacher
Ms. Jones Science 8 & 9
Ms. Kidd Learning Support
Mr. Kozak Mathematics/Pre-Calculus
Mr. Liu Mandarin
Mr. Lo Automotive/Drafting
Ms. McKee Business/Athletic Director
Mr. Meldrum Basketball Academy
Ms. Metcalfe Spanish
Ms. Millerd Learning Resource Teacher for South Campus
Ms. Miyamoto Japanese
Mr. Muselius English
Mr. Nicholson Mathematics/Calculus
Ms. Paget Social Studies/History
Ms. Peterson Spanish/Textiles
Ms. Pirbhai Yoga/Accounting
Ms. Pohn IB Coordinator/English Literature/Theory of Knowledge
Mr. Pugliese Skill Building
Mr. Randall Mathematics
Ms. Reemeyer French
Mr. Richardson Science/Biology
Mr. Rispin ICT/Work Experience/Grad Transitions
Mr. Robinson English
Mr. Robson Law and Geography
Mr. Ros Physical Education/Athletic Director
Ms. Schulz English
Mr. Scoten Woodshop
Ms. Seo Foods
Ms. Shin Math & Music
Mr. Smith English/ELL Coordinator/Social Studies
Ms. Stead Learning Support
Mr. Stead Law/Social Studies
Mr. Stoddart CONNECT
Mr. Suderman Mathematics/Pre-Calculus
Mr. Tan Library
Ms. Taylor Social Studies & Career Life
Ms. Trousdell Library
Ms. Tustin Social Studies
Mr. Vu Science/Chemistry/Forensics
Ms. Ward Library
Ms. Watson Home Economics
Ms. Wong Art West / BC 1st Nations / Photography / Career 11
Ms. Zanrosso English 8
Mr. Zimmerman Animation/Communications/Film Studies/Drama Film & TV