Indigenous Education School Plan

January 9, 2024 - 4 minutes read

Indigenous Education School Plan 2023-24
School: West Vancouver Secondary School

School Aboriginal Education Committee: Rauh, Cormier, Taylor, Metcalfe,
Peterson, Richardson, Destiny Nahanee (student), Norah Holtby (EA)

School Contact Person(s): Steve Rauh, Maria Dawson, Sarah Cormier

Activities, events, speakers, presentations, projects etc. that have occurred at your location over the past two years:
● Continue to develop and promote English First Peoples 10 and 11
● Continue to develop and promote BC First Nations 12
● Continuing school wide participation in Moosehide Campaign in May 2024
● Introduce a school march component for September Truth and Reconciliation Day
● Annually attend Post -Secondary Week at Carson Graham
● Multiple staff ProD presentations and workshops
● Staff Professional Development Seminars with Desiree Marshall-Peer (x 2)
● Ongoing development of district-centric Cedar Room at WVSS for
celebration and understanding of Aboriginal issues and culture

● Support of district-centric Cedar Room at WVSS as space for district Indigenous Success Program
● Creation of dedicated reading room in library highlighting and celebrating Indigenous authors and texts
● Increased promotion of Orange shirt day amongst staff and students, and in the classrooms
● Continue working on dedicated showcase celebrating the Squamish Nation inside our main entrance
● Continue to develop professional development for staff to embed aboriginal education across all curricular areas
● Complete indigenous themed circle seating area in lower West Wing and add a second one on the second floor
● Complete naming and signage of different parts of the school with Sahplek and Becky
● Promotion and teaching of significance of Red Dress Day May 5
● Invite DJ OShew in to play for our students
● Print and laminate Calls to Action and display prominently throughout the year
● Plan school level celebrations for National Indigenous People’s Day June 21

Action Plan for 2023/24
● Connections to BC Curriculum
o Continue to unpack and develop strategies and understandings
o Have created opportunities at staff meetings and school based ProD
o Make Orange Shirt Day a focus/launching point for increased awareness and understanding of Aboriginal issues in all curricular areas
o Continue to explore addition of Moosehide Campaign initiative

● First Peoples Principles of Learning (how will you embed these in your work with students this year?)
o Posters in every classroom
o Staff present at each staff meeting what they are doing
o Make a standing discussion item at each Department Head meeting
o make as a standing item at each staff meeting

● Parent Education
o Need to increase our parent engagement and understanding this year
o Ensure inclusion of Territory Acknowledgement at all events

● Community Partnerships
o Continue to work with Alroy Baker Bob Baker, Xwalacktun, and other
members of the Squamish Nation
o Explore new community connection possibilities

● Student Support – Success Teachers/Counsellors
o Carol Langley continues to connect with students on a regular basis
o Carol Langley took students on highly successful field trip to
Cheakamus Centre last year – planning several similar field trips with our Aboriginal youth again for this year
o Connecting our students with tutoring services
o Welcome to Maria Dawson as our school’s Aboriginal Success teacher!
o leverage support of new Indigenous Success Teacher to support our 29 self-identified Aboriginal youth and their families

District support and resources needed this year:
● Continue financial support of our students for purchases of food, bus passes, clothing etc
● Continue providing professional development opportunities for staff to assist with implementation of new curriculum
● Continue to offer opportunities where youth from all three secondary schools can connect and build friendships and common understandings