As a West Vancouver Secondary School parent, you are a member of the Parent Advisory
Council (PAC) and are welcome and encouraged to join us at PAC meetings to
discuss and vote on school issues. By connecting as parents, we will enhance the experience of our children and strengthen our extraordinary school community.

Parents are encouraged to check the weekly WVSS E-Bulletins for important school
announcements. Also, by installing the WVSS APP on mobiles devices, students and families can quickly learn about the school schedules, timetables, daily activities and more.

Questions or suggestions can be sent to WVSS PAC.

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How to Limit your Child's Device Usage

Parents have been inquiring as to how to curb the use of online devices in and outside the home. We have a couple of options that can help. These are some parent recommendations and are in no way affiliated with West Vancouver Secondary or the NVSD. (Click here for Chinese version)
This app can be a great add-on to your daily family life. You can schedule device use, block or grant apps, add “rules” to apps, family locator (similar to Find My Phone in iOS), block texting and web filtering. There is a cost depending on what you need. It starts with a free account and goes up to $6.99US per month.

Circle is a Disney product and does basically everything that Ourpact does but they have one more thing for the home that Ourpact doesn’t have. Circle has a device that can be installed in the home to shut down or limit devices on the network. The cost is $9.95US per month and the device is $99US

If you are tech savvy you can log into your own router and set up the same kind of limits for computers, phones, gaming systems… anything on your network based on their MAC address. Some routers do this better than others but if you are in the market for a new router, ask the tech people at the store which one will work best for your home.

Here is a great article on the subject:

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