Our Covid Commitments

August 25, 2021 - 1 minute read


Health and Safety Updates for March 2022:  

  • Mask wearing is a personal choice; everyone’s choice is supported and respected.  
  • Parents and Caregivers should assess their children daily for illness before sending them to school.
  • Visitors on school business are welcome. Appointments are encouraged. Signing in at the office is required as always, however personal contact information does not need to be provided. 
  • Spectators are permitted at school sporting events. Capacity is at 50% for large venues but this will change to full capacity in early April.  
  • Gyms are open for all students at lunch time. Sports at lunch will be phased back in  
  • The cafeteria continues to be open for food service. More seating will be available.  
  • Spreading out and using available space is encouraged as is proper hand hygiene. We recommend students do not share items that may be in contact with the mouth