Our Staff

West Bay Elementary School

K. Grimwood

J. Richardson
Vice Principal

S. Barrie
Administrative Assistant

Division Grade Teacher                            Emails
1 7 Kevin Darling kdarling@wvschools.ca
2 7 Jessica Lee jlee@wvschools.ca
3 6 Amy Flett aflett@wvschools.ca
4 6 Mimi Ross mross@wvschools.ca
5 5 Morag Kelpin/Amanda Tabone makelpin@wvschools.ca


6 5 John Zaleski jzaleski@wvschools.ca
7 4 Jordan Orr jorr@wvschools.ca
8 4 Jessica Richardson jrichardson@wvschools.ca
9 3 Elaine Sun esun@wvschools.ca
10 3 Jane Standfield jstandfield@wvschools.ca
11 2 Leanne Campa lcampa@wvschools.ca
12 2 Natalie Smyl/Sarah Scott NSmyl@wvschools.ca


13 1 Chrysta Millhouse cmillhouse@wvschools.ca
14 1 Claudia Ng cng@wvschools.ca
15 K Carolyn Huggett chuggett@wvschools.ca
16 K Rhonda Griffin rgriffin@wvschools.ca
IB Morikke Espenhain, Mon, Weds and Th mespenhain@wvschools.ca
ELL Farah Babul/Sarah Pelz/Ravit Ilan fbabul@wvschools.ca
LST Alaina Smith/Jayne Walker Alaina.Smith@wvschools.ca


Music Moriah Gibli (Intermediates and Band) mgibli@wvschools.ca
Music Ligia Oancea (Primaries) loancea@wvschools.ca
PE Kelly Hansen khansen@wvschools.ca
Library Julie Hunt-Mon/Weds/Thurs jhunt@wvschools.ca
Counsellor Shelagh Curling – Monday and Thursday scurling@wvschools.ca