Introduction to Mental Health

Mental health is a state of emotion which can affect the body’s well being, function and relationships. It is also our emotional, physiological, and social well being. It affects how the body responds to stress, anxiety, and friendships. If you are experiencing any mental health problems you’re not alone; over 1-7 people globally are affected by mental health.  We advise you to read the following page to learn more about mental health and how you can overcome mental challenges. 

What we are Trying to Accomplish

As the mental health group for the  grade seven exhibition project, we would like to spread awareness on the topic of mental health across multiple demographics of teachers, students and parents so that more people in the West Vancouver and West Bay community know more about it. Mental health is a serious topic and our group believes that mental health needs to be taken seriously and taught to younger grades because it affects everyone from youth to adults.

Lessons for Teachers

The following links and websites are for the teachers and staff of West Bay Elementary to teach and educate their students and themselves about: 


Headspace Guide to Meditation: to help naturally raise endorphins for their students: Click here

Meditation and yoga guides for mindfulness: Click here   Click here

Art Projects for Mindfullness Click Here


Netflix documentary The Social Deliema (2020) to teach you students about the issues of social media:  Click Here

Ways to safely teach students about mental health:  Click Here

Contacts and Help

45645: Did you know that if you text 45645 from 5PM to 1AM in Canada when you are feeling down, depressed, in panic, anxious or suicidal a safe and caring person will text you back immediately and continue to text with you? This is a free service for anyone who needs someone to talk to. It’s an accessible way for anyone to reach out and get some extra support. Share to help someone in need!   

Kids Help Phone: If you were to contact Kids Help Phone they would always be available for the person in need of contact. If contacted, Kids Help Phone would help anyone who decided to contact it with strategies and ways to support their well-being or mental health.    

Resources for Parents

Goodful. “5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere.”YouTube, 4 September 2019 Accessed 11 April 2022

Kassandra. “10 min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch.” YouTube, 20 September 2018, Accessed 11 April 2022

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