About the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The West Bay PAC is a group dedicated to promoting school and community spirit, as well as fostering cooperation, communication, and teamwork to create a fun and healthy environment for everyone associated with West Bay Elementary School.

The PAC comprises every parent and guardian of a child registered at West Bay, making them automatic members. The PAC holds monthly meetings, in the Learning Commons but  all meetings are currently conducted virtually using the Zoom platform.

During these meetings, parents, the principal, and often a guest speaker come together to discuss various topics related to the school and its community. These meetings provide an opportunity for parents to engage, share ideas, and stay informed about school events, initiatives, and important matters.

All parents are encouraged to attend these monthly PAC meetings to actively contribute to the discussions and participate in shaping the educational experience at West Bay Elementary School.

PAC News and Announcements

Staying Connected

The West Bay PAC understands the importance of keeping parents informed and connected. To achieve this, they have implemented various methods of communication.

PAC E-Bulletin– The PAC sends out monthly newsletters to provide updates and important information. These newsletters cover a range of topics such as upcoming PAC meetings, event registration, parent education events, and details regarding ordering Hot Lunch for the students.  Parents that have completed their online policies and procedures from before school starts will automatically receive these newsletters. Parents have the option to sign up or cancel for these newsletters.

West Bay WhatsApp– Join the West Bay WhatsApp group to receive timely school reminders and messages. The purpose of this group is to share important information, but it does not facilitate discussions or conversations.

Class Rep Emails/ Grade WhatsApp group -Your class representative will send out regular communications by email that relate to class, school and PAC information. Many grades have made specific WhatsApp groups to share information and discuss class matters. Reach out to your class rep for more information.

To sign up for any of these communication channels, parents can send an email to westbaypac@gmail.com.

The West Bay Parent Advisory Council Executive

The West Bay Parent Advisory Council (WBPAC) Executive is a group that fosters school and community spirit, promotes cooperation, communication and team effort to establish a fun and healthy environment for all connected with West Bay Elementary School. This group meets once a month before the general PAC meeting. The PAC Executive members are elected at the Annual General Meeting in June.

2023 – 2024 PAC Executive Committee

Neda Esmati

Kelly Chesko, Isabella Liu

Bill AuYang

DPAC Representative
Nikta Razavi

Bill Sun,  Hebe Zeng

Contact the PAC Executive: westbaypac@gmail.com

Contact the Hot Lunch Coordinator: hotlunchwb@gmail.com

Contact the West Bay Treasurer: westbay.treasurer@gmail.com

To sign up to our West Bay PAC e- newsletters  or join the West Bay parent WhatsApp group email request to westbaypac@gmail.com

2023-2024 Lead Roles and Committees:

Hot Lunch Coordinator- Emily Wing
Hot Lunch Treasurer- Isabella Liu
Class Rep Coordinator-Elmira Montezami
Traffic and Safety-
WhatsApp messages-Kelly Chesko
Spirit Wear Ordering-Spirit Wear
After School Programs-Candice Montgomery

School Events

BBQ Committee-Dani Renouf
Grad Committee-
Staff Appreciation Lunch/International Teachers day
Holiday Craft Market


Holiday Fundraisers (Purdy’s/Poinsettias)
Art Cards
Fall Apple Fundraiser-
Gala Committee(alternating years)-
Fun Run (alternating years)-
Other Fundraising efforts

Cultural Events

Lunar New Year- Bill Sun
Nowruz- Neda Esmati


Holiday Hampers-

Please contact westbaypac@gmail.com if you wish to get involved in any of these roles

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