Weekly Intentions

March 10, 2022 - 3 minutes read

Have you noticed our weekly intentions at the top of each ebulletin? If not, that’s ok, but hopefully now that I’ve pointed it out, you will stop to read it and think about what it means to you.

Each morning on the announcements the weekly intention is read. I will often make connections to events happening around the world or our local community. I will also offer suggestions of how students can take action or interpret the weekly intention. Classes will each do different activities centered around the weekly intention. Some of our classes use it as a discussion prompt to start the week, some classes use the weekly intention as a reflective writing activity, and still other classes use the weekly intentions as part of their gratitude circle.

The purpose of the weekly intention is to bring some common language and focus to our school community as we connect to our IB learner profile and our school goal of building relationships. Including the weekly intention in our ebulletin is one way we hope to continue the conversations that are taking place in our classrooms.

The weekly intentions are something that we hope to keep at West Bay in the future, each year coming back to the same intentions because we know that as our students grow and develop the intentions will impact them differently. We also know that in order to truly have an impact, we need to repeat information and ideas for our students.

Here are a few examples of our weekly intentions and their connections to the world and our IB language:

Date Intention I Can statement Special event
Sept. 20-24 If I fall, I will get up again. I can identify problems and compare possible problem-solving strategies.

I can approach uncertainty with thinking and determination.


Terry Fox Run
Nov. 8-12 Peace begins with me.  

I can demonstrate caring.

I can work with others to achieve a common goal.


Remembrance Day
Feb. 1-4 My words have power.  

I can be open-minded.

We are stronger together.

I can recognize and celebrate different cultures.

Black History Month
Mar. 1-4 I can make healthy choices.  

I can demonstrate balance.

I can think about my well-being.

Nutrition Month
April 18-22 We are all connected.  

I can contribute to my classroom, school, community, and natural world to make it a better place.

I can make a difference.Learning involves recognizing the consequences of one’s actions.

Earth Day

We hope that these intentions might become part of your dinner time conversations or work their way into the chats you have with your child on the way to school or even amongst other parents on the sidelines of the soccer field.