Assessment and Communicating Student Learning (CSL)

Dear Parents,
Today your child completes Term Two of a very interesting school year.  There have been many challenges, as you know,

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Touching Base – For you, Parents!

Dear PJ Families,
There is something in the air lately.  I am not sure if it is COVID exhaustion, the rain,

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Healthy and Happy Holiday Wishes

Dear Students and Families of Pauline Johnson,
As we enter into this holiday season, we are reminded all around us of the light that this world still offers,

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Principal’s Summer Send-Off

Well, you did it!  Your children did it!  We ALL did it!  The last day of school has always stirred in me a strange set of emotions. 

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Communicating Student Learning – What does it all mean?

Communicating Student Learning (reporting) has morphed significantly in the province and in West Vancouver over the last number of years to better reflect the changing landscape of our revised curriculum. 

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What does success at the end of the year look like to you?

When our staff met together last week for our first Staff Meeting of the school year, I asked them to take some time to reflect by answering a few questions:

What are you passionate about?

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The Principal’s Office – GASP!

I had a teacher join me with a group of students one day a few years ago to plan a special activity to elicit their talents. 

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Good Things Come in Small Packages

After a long, luxurious summer of sunshine, travels, family, and friends I settled in over the Labour Day weekend to refocus and think about what this September will bring. 

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SOGI Education


We were very pleased to host special guests Todd Lund and Maureen Lee at our January 2018 PAC Meeting at PJ. 

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