Our School

École Pauline Johnson

École Pauline Johnson provides Early and Late Immersion Programs in a unique ‘single-track’ setting. Our programs aim to develop functional bilingualism in students whose dominant language is not French.

We have a Kindergarten to Grade Seven Early Immersion Program, and a Late French Immersion Program beginning in Grade Six. For information on entering the early French Immersion program after Grade 1, please contact the school principal for further guidance on admission.

We have a number of cultures and religions represented in our student body, and many of our children speak more than two languages. Students come from throughout the district (and beyond) to attend our school, located in the heart of West Vancouver on 22nd Street just north of Marine Drive.

While our school facade dates back to 1922, it has been completely renovated offering modern, spacious facilities while keeping much of the original heritage charm. In 1993, the school was completely rebuilt inside.

Through the support of our generous school district and our PJPAC/parents’ incredible fund-raising efforts and volunteer hours, our students benefit from state-of-the-art technology, musical equipment, and an enhanced outdoor experience.  Our playground boasts six outdoor classroom spaces and our Outdoor Learning Program for K-3 utilizes these spaces weekly as they engage with the Science and Physical and Health Education curriculums. Together, all stakeholders at PJ work to create an atmosphere that is safe, enriching, innovative and challenging.