Winter in Vancouver – Is Your Child Prepared?

We all know that winter in Vancouver means a lot of rain.  While temperatures rarely dip too low, they can be cold – especially when children are outside for extended periods of time.  It is very rare for us to hold ‘indoor recesses’ at PJ; we believe that children need their fresh air and exercise.  Please ensure you send your child to school dressed for the weather:  jacket, rain boots/winter boots, gloves and a toque, and please also have some extra clothing sent with your child to keep at school should there be a wet day that they would need to change (extra socks and pants are usually most needed).

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Winter Weather

Our School District endeavors to keep schools open on regular instructional days, including those with accumulating snowfall (Weather Closures and Procedures). Any decision to close schools will be made by the Superintendent and is based on the safety of students. We aim to communicate any decision to close schools by 6:00 am.


Please check the school district website for the most current information on school closures. 

School closures may also appear on several local news sources including:

News 1130

CKNW 98  

Global TV