Principal’s Summer Send-Off

June 25, 2020 - 2 minutes read

Well, you did it!  Your children did it!  We ALL did it!  The last day of school has always stirred in me a strange set of emotions.  Perhaps it’s based on exhaustion, but I believe it is also because it signifies the end of something that was wonderful.  As an elementary school Principal, I relish every stage of the school year – Opening Day, each holiday as the children celebrate with glee, every predictable calendar break, special events and family gatherings, field trips, and all the days in between.

This year was different; it brought uncertainty, constant change, new realities, profound shifts, and more learning than I have embraced in my twenty-one years as an educator.  And it has been AWESOME!  As we wrap up another school year, I want to go back to my statement that I made when we started down the COVID path over three months ago.  I said that the biggest emotion I was feeling was hope.  It was hope that has gotten all of us through this unusual time in history and, most importantly, it will be what gets us through the next stages together.

Be assured that West Vancouver and Pauline Jonson are ready, regardless of what September brings.  Superintendent Kennedy will share more with you by the end of this week, and I will be in communication in August as we again respond in innovative and clear ways to the state of our world at that moment in time.  Meanwhile, unplug!  Explore locally, connect deeply, relax with abandon, and enjoy a summer unlike any we’ve had in decades.

Best wishes to our Graduates of 2020 and a happy summer to all of you.

Thank you for your commitment to our school and your children.

#PJPROUD – we’ve got this!

Mme Zielinski