Ten Things to Do this Spring Break

March 13, 2020 - 5 minutes read

With travel restrictions hampering our Spring Break plans, many of us are scrambling to figure out what to do. We know that we must practice social distancing to help stop the spread of this virus, so here are a few things for you and your family can do over the next few weeks to reconnect, stay healthy, and have fun!

  1. Discover all that British Columbia has to offer and take a hike! The weather forecast looks promising so get outside and discover a new trail. Vancouver Trails is a great resource to find a new trail or rediscover an old favourite. Getting outside and connecting with nature is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, not to mention get some exercise. So, take a hike!
  2. One of my favourite ways to get lost is in a book. Visit your local library or bookstore and spend some time browsing. Leave with a stack of books for both you and your child. Model good reading habits by turning off the screens, curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and get immersed in a great read. You might not be able to travel to New York, but the New York Times Bestsellers list is sure to have something for everyone in your home.
  3. While you are at the library why not pick up a cookbook and let your kids make dinner. Spending time in the kitchen with your kids is not only is a great way to connect with them but will also teach them many new skills. You might not be a culinary whiz, but have some fun experimenting together and building some great family memories.
  4. Do nothing! I know it defeats the purpose of a “things to do” list to say do nothing but plan a do nothing day (no screens allowed). If you can get through the initial whining stage, you will be amazed at what your children will create and do. They might discover their old toys they never play with, build a fort, write a story, build a restaurant in their room, the possibilities are endless. Boredom brings out creativity.
  5. Take the ten parks in a day challenge. Hop in the car and visit ten different playgrounds around the city. Document your day online and challenge a friend. Have an older child? Try visiting skateparks. A great new park to start with is Moodyville Park in North Vancouver.
  6. Hop in the car and take a one-day road trip. Let your kids DJ and pick the music as you explore the province and take in the sights. Destination BC has six great suggestions for one day trips from Vancouver. Make a point to stop along the way at all those great little spots you never have time to see when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Stop for an ice cream or at the viewpoint or at the sweet little café that sells cinnamon buns. Make it about the trip and not the destination.
  7. Get a little work done. There is always something that needs to be done around the house. Get your kids to lend a hand. Let your kids feel a sense of accomplishment by being able to contribute. Does the garage need cleaning out, the garden need attention or perhaps the basement needs to be reorganized? Get your children in on the action and see what they can get done.
  8. Movie Day! Each family member gets to pick one movie and one snack!
  9. Ride a bike around the lake. Buntzen Lake, Rice Lake, Trout Lake, and Deer Lake are within an hours drive and offer lots of beautiful scenery. Throw your bikes in the car, pack a picnic with some special snacks and take a pedal through the park!
  10. Have a date night with your child. Let them pick the restaurant and the event and spend some quality time. Have more than one child, then they each get a night. Show them they are special and deserve your one-on-one attention.

Our children will be grown before we know it. Take advantage of this time and spend some quality time with them. It’s time well spent.

guest blog by: Kim Grimwood, Cypress Park Principal