Top 3 things you should know about being “Vice-Principal for a day”
by Dora (gr 3), guest blogger

On Thursday, June 20th I had the opportunity to be “Vice-Principal for a day” at Cypress Park. It was really fun (and busy!). Here are the top 3 things you should know about being “Vice-Principal for a day”:

  1. Being a Vice-Principal is a really busy job. There are lots of meetings to go to, and you have to be really prepared for them ahead of time. I attended my first PAC meeting. We talked about the budget. I learned that you might not understand everything they are talking about!
  2. Being Vice-Principal might seem like a lot of fun, but it’s also very hard work. As a Vice-Principal you have to manage lots of things at the same time. You have to work hard to find time to squeeze it all in. I don’t know how Mrs. Evans does it everyday!
  3. Being a Vice-Principal is completely fun! At the PAC meeting, I was able to ask for an extended recess (which was approved!). I also asked Mrs. Grimwood for permission to give a treat to all students at the end of the day. After ensuring it was nutritionally appropriate, she also said yes! Finally, I got to go the School Board office and meet Mr. Kennedy, our Superintendent and Mr. Nosek, our Associate Superintendent. Meeting Mr. Kennedy was pretty fun. He listened to everything I had to say and said he would do something about it, which made me feel really important. (Mrs. Evans also took me out for lunch, and had business cards printed for me!)

Thank you to Mrs. Evans, the Cypress Park PAC, and my mom for making this opportunity possible! I had a wonderful day!