Parent-Teacher Interviews

October 24, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Our students started school eight weeks ago and it is now time to share their learning with their parents. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn how your child is doing at school! Teachers have assessed their students, and can share with you the areas of strength that they have seen, as well as the areas that require further support. The first term report card goes home on December 14th, therefore there is plenty of time to implement strategies to help students develop those skills that present some challenge. Working together at school and at home is a winning strategy. There are many ways that parents can support their child at home. Making sure they have plenty of sleep is the first one. Healthy eating is also crucial. A time and place for doing some homework and home reading is a suggestion offered by all teachers. Good communication between home and school ensures that the child is well-supported. We continue to focus on our Core Competencies as well as curricular areas to give our students the skills to show their knowledge and learning. Communication, thinking and personal and social competencies are key to success at all grade levels.

In our district, parents receive three formal written report cards, and have two opportunities to hear about their child’s learning in person, at the Parent-Teacher interview, and the student-led conferences in the spring. The report cards are sent at the end of each term in December, March and June.

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