Chartwell Elementary

Drop-off and pick-up times can be very busy at all school sites. Please respect school staff and volunteers who direct traffic and help keep children safe.

By choosing to carpool, bus or use active transportation options (such as walking) to school you can help to reduce congestion and stress in our school zones.

If you must drive, please set a good example for students at all times.

During busy periods, consider taking a “Drive to 5” approach. That means you drive most of the way but leave the car in a spot that’s just a 5 minute walk from school.

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Carpooling or Driving to School

Give yourself enough time to travel to avoid distracted driving and impatient actions put our students at risk.


• Drive lawfully and safely, without distraction – your behaviour is a model for your kids

• Obey 30 kmph School Zone and Playground Zone speed limits

• Stop at stop signs, and for pedestrians in crosswalks

• Obey posted “No Stopping” and “No Parking” signs. Pick-up and drop-off only means no parking.

• Encourage children to cross only at designated crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing the street

• “Drive to 5!” Avoid the crowd by leaving your car a 5-minute walk from school.


• Don’t block crosswalks, driveways, or fire hydrants

• Don’t make a U-Turn, back up, or use driveways to turn around – these moves can put kids at risk

• Don’t pass stopped vehicles – there may be a child crossing the street

We work closely with the municipality and police department to improve safety in our school zones. For more information, please visit the muncipality’s website.


There is currently no visitor parking in the Chartwell lot. There is street parking available both above and below the school property with walk-in accessibility.

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