1. Lates: a student will be considered “late” after the 8:40 or 8:50am bell. If their teacher has already taken the attendance when they arrive to class, the student must sign-in at the office.  All lates will be considered “unexcused” unless a parent has notified the office prior to arriving.
  2. Absences: if your child will not be attending school please either phone and leave a message on the office answering machine (604-981-1210) or email the teacher and copy Ms. Danapour ( Please call/email each day unless you have notified the office of a long term absence.  If no notification is given, the office will email or phone to confirm your child’s absence.
  3. Long Term Absences:  if you know that your child will be away for several days (for example, on vacation), please contact the office and inform us of your child’s last day of attendance before leaving and first day of attendance upon return. You will not need to call in everyday and will not be notified during your time away.


Please be aware that there is currently no visitor parking in the Chartwell lot.  Street parking is available both above and below the property with walk-in access to the school.

During drop-off/pick-up times please heed the signs. There should be no parking or stopping in the round-about.


Visitors are allowed with an appointment. Upon arrival, please ensure you have done a daily health check and that you sign in at the office. You must also sign out upon leaving. Besides the obvious reasons, in the event of an emergency it is imperative that we know who is in the building.