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  • Robotics and the C of Collaboration May 16, 2022
    There is a lot made about the “C”s in education. Whether it is the three of them or maybe the four of them, or sometimes the seven of them.  Competencies like communication, creativity, and critical thinking are top of mind for all designing modern education programs.  Always on this list is also collaboration.  While everyone […]
  • Desperate for Rituals April 20, 2022
    There is an interesting contrast happening right now in schools.  In some ways, they look very different than they did in 2019, and this shift is being met positively, and in other ways there is a desperate push to return to rituals that we used to have, that have been on hold for more than […]
  • New Nicknames Will Make Schools Cool Again April 1, 2022
    There has been a lot of attention around school nicknames in recent years.  You will have seen the controversy in some communities as schools have looked to update their nicknames.  If you want a complete look at all the high school nicknames in British Columbia, my friend Howard Tsumura did an exhaustive list HERE.  As […]

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Learning Commons Project – presentation to the PAC parent body to kick off fundraising
Library to Learning Commons

Red Carpet Gala FAQ – 2015
Red Carper Q and A


Aron Campbel, Principal 2010-2016
Many parents have asked to see a digital copy of the Memory Book we created for Mr. Cambell for his going away. Your children drew wonderful drawings and gave some pretty sage advice! Click here to see.
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