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  • Better Prompting and Other AI Stuff I Have Learned September 18, 2023
    I first wrote about Chat GPT in January.  I asked the question, Could AI Replace School Superintendents?  At the time, I was just beginning to use Chat GPT, and treated it like I would Google. I would make a query and get a response.  So, what is something I have gotten better at over the […]
  • People Want Community September 12, 2023
    There is a teacher shortage in British Columbia. And it is actually much larger than just here. As schools go back in session there are reports from across the continent of a shortage of qualified staff.  The reasons are not simple  One often hears a range of reasons including:   compensation levels, high workload and stress, […]
  • First Week Excitement September 6, 2023
    There is a great buzz this week in schools. I love the ritual of the first week of school. It is a timeless and cherished experience for all of those involved – those of us working in the system along with the students (and their parents) who are heading to school. I wrote at this […]

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Learning Commons Project – presentation to the PAC parent body to kick off fundraising
Library to Learning Commons

Red Carpet Gala FAQ – 2015
Red Carper Q and A


Aron Campbel, Principal 2010-2016
Many parents have asked to see a digital copy of the Memory Book we created for Mr. Cambell for his going away. Your children drew wonderful drawings and gave some pretty sage advice! Click here to see.
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