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  • Gen AI – Governments, Districts and Schools May 30, 2024
    Checking back in on AI.  So, when it comes to gen AI in education – where do we start?  It is a question that is paralyzing many.  I am reminded of this Spiderman meme: All levels in education point at the others expecting them to take the lead.   One of the reasons that the gen […]
  • Is School for Learning New Ideas or Confirming What We Already Know? May 1, 2024
    As we navigate the halls of our schools – whether those are the traditional ones or the virtual ones, a question emerges that challenges the core of our educational journey: Are we here to discover the unknown or to reinforce what we already believe? As I read news stories from around North America recently, I […]
  • Technology and Innovation – Where Next? April 1, 2024
    When you are known for technology and innovation, you experience this ongoing mix of excitement and adrenalin at some points of the year and anxiety and worry at other points. The question I get asked most is – “So, what’s next?”   I usually just want to snap back, “Come on, can we just do what […]

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Learning Commons Project – presentation to the PAC parent body to kick off fundraising
Library to Learning Commons

Red Carpet Gala FAQ – 2015
Red Carper Q and A


Aron Campbel, Principal 2010-2016
Many parents have asked to see a digital copy of the Memory Book we created for Mr. Cambell for his going away. Your children drew wonderful drawings and gave some pretty sage advice! Click here to see.
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